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Grind Prophecies March Champion! Tie-breaker for 2nd place!

(Semi) Final results for March 2015

What a month! The Grind Prophecies for March came down to not only the final game of the season, but the final shot of the final game of the season that saw Mike Conley sink a dagger 3-pointer to catapult himself to Grindmaster status and determine the outcome of the contest!

Final Scoreboard

The Grand Grind Prophecier for March is...

memphisbucgul - 61 points

Congratulations! I'll be contacting you via email shortly to get your information.

We currently have a tie for 2nd place that will be decided via tiebreaker!

DBarrach and sp_1983 will compete for the 2nd place prize (Grizz Essentials swag box!)

The tiebreaker will be the following set of questions for the Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers game that will be played tonight at 9:30 PM CT.

This tiebreaker is only for DBarrach and sp_1983.

GBB Grind Prophecies are brought to you by:

Brett Faulkner

Licensed Realtor
RE/MAX Real Estate Experts


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