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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Sacramento

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Kings fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Sacramento forums

Pre-game views

Memphis has been in a slump as of late, what better way than to play versus the Kings!

Sitting healthy players is something that I am totally against. Regardless of the fact that we're not making the playoffs, we're playing to win. Fans pay good money to come to these games and when teams and opposing teams sit their best players it's just not as great of an experience.

My problem with this is that Boogie could have taken any recent game off, what a coincidence that this game happens to be against one of the most physical teams in the league, err - Z Bo's team. He's supposed to be our big man, our enforcer. This is a bad look for us.

A desperation game for the Grizzlies.

In-game views

lol @Sauce Castillo sounds hilarious hearing it.

It makes me sick hearing the Grizz commentary say Cousins is out due to rest.....

feel like rudy's about to go off

Well, this got boring very quickly.

Memphis is a pathetic joke of a franchise. That city has a great basketball team and that arena is EMPTY. Worst fans in the NBA, either that or they're all broke.

Just give the ball to Rudy and get out of his way, the rest of you scrubs!

Great half from Rudy, there's a few teams he always tears it up against and this is the main one.

If Memphis was more effective in the half court, it would be a blow out.

Green with the high flying ESPN special. Incredible!

Looks like Rudy will get that rest.

Post-game views

This is when we all get to see how much garbage is on this team. When 1 main component of our handful of only legitimate NBA players are missing, we look like an AAU team.

Derrick Williams made an incredibly stupid pass that was lazy and caused for Rudy to get hurt. I see him trying hard to get paid but the dude lacks basketball IQ. Athleticism only takes you so far if you don't have a brain.

Quite a contrast between now and the last time we were in Memphis. We were good. Cinderella team of the league. Leading Memphis and Dallas by 24 or more. So much optimism.

Overall game was what we'd expect. Kings got rolled, but hard to do much with their top guns out and everyone else doing a disappearing act.

I hope the Kings beat Houston with Dwight Howard, tomorrow.

The Grizzlies put us through the grinder again

Considering the Grizzlies have the second best record in the West, had lost a few games in a row and were hungry, Cousins sat out and Gay missed the fourth quarter, this was an ok showing.