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Recapping Ourselves: The View From Memphis

The losing streak is over, so let's take a look at how we viewed the defeats against Cleveland, Golden State, and San Antonio

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The following are actual comments gathered from Memphis forums

Our view of the Cleveland defeat

The team is just way too nit picky crafted by Dave..  It's always the EXACT SAME every night.  In terms of what we do and who can get stats.  We do the same play the same dumb rotation the same everything.  There's no creativity to be had or randomness.  No one is loose out there because everyone has an exact role that results in the exact amount of shots or touches or w.e. it's horse**** this is the NBA why is this youngin coaching?

CLee should not have played.  Simple as that.  If the man wont shoot in the first half and then misses all 3 of his shots in the 2nd half and misses them horribly, then he should not have played.  Dave made that call. It was the wrong one.

Dave's determination to keep putting these 2nd team lineups out there with no starter to be with them really hurts.  Vince losing his poise and doing what Dave should have been doing by standing up for the team took away the best threat MEM had to get something going from the outside

It was just a perfect storm for CLE.  They faced a team that simply stopped playing defense after a while and could not make a shot on the other end.  It made for a nice easy win for the Cavs.

Calathes is bad, Koufos has taken a step back, Beno needs more minutes with the starters, Green is the go to on that unit and Carter is just hit or miss.  Joerger has to figure out how to mix and match those starters and second unit so that we don't take such a big hit when they come in.

I freaking hate all these veteran players playing keep away from Adams. What benefit does Koufos or Beno putting up numbers by chucking in a blowout 4th quarter bring to anybody

For a veteran team, it seems like we have a weird mental psyche. We are mentally tough when its a tight/overtime game, however if we are playing a high-powered offensive team (I am thinking Cavs, OKC, GS) and they throw a haymaker, it's almost assuredly over.

the team should be embarassed.

they should pool their money together and pay us- the fans there- back.

Cavs have superstars. We have all stars

Just when you think the Monday night Knicks game was the most unwatchable of the season the team comes out an lays this egg. So much for playing to the level of your competition, unless we only play down to the level of the cpmpetition.

Nothing else to do, but keep your head up and get ready for GS and SA

Our view of the Golden State defeat

The past two games have been ugly.

The Grizz are operating on the assumption that a if you take away everything else and your opponent just shoots 23 foot shots, they will win.  But more and more, players are perfecting the art of shooting the 3 and that logic is becoming faulty.

In one sense, our blowout loss really was by design. We consciously opted for them to take many of those shots, and by design, accepted the consequences if they went in. What is incredible is that, seeing our own decimation in progress, we never adjusted.

Im reaching here I know it but none of us know how those guys feel about playing a basketball game right now. We have never played an NBA season. We all get tired of what we do for a living. Why cant an NBA player?

I suggested this earlier but I an really starting believe that just maybe Marc Gasol has sold his team out for the sake of free agency. Cannot afford to get hurt and dampen his value in the open market. I do not think he will be a Grizzly next year.

Were a 50 win team. Were good. Don't panic.

oh well, on to the next beat down.

To all the posters that keep reiterating: We are fine, we are fine, look at our record we are Second in the tough West. We are NOT fine! The real contending teams are imposing their will and style of play on us.

They let the Splash Brothers run them out of the building. A combined 66pts! These guys are good, but still no excuse of letting your opponent run you out of your house. Unacceptable!!!

I’m beginning to think that Leezus needs Jesus

Our view of the San Antonio defeat

I wonder why Joerger didn't try JMG on KL, there was no way NC could handle him. He certainly wouldn't have done any worse.

He (Joerger) will come up with some BS after the game about how all MEM's problems are things they can control and how SA just made shots and how they are really really good. Same old chite.

I liked the strategy of having Calathes guard Leonard... and allstar begin guarded by a marginal 3 string guard, how did that work out for you Dave.

Grizz will be fine this post season because they have proven already they can beat anyone in the NBA.Their recent play is smoke and mirrors when it comes what level they will play at come postseason.

Zbo is obviously frustrated, just can't say the same thing about marc.

Stop blaming the refs! We deserve no calls if we are sleep walking out there. We got blown out for three straight games because of our horrid play NOT the lack of calls.

Jeff Green has been balling lately. If the Big 3 can just start to play the way they are capable of going into the playoffs, combined with Green's play off the bench, and Grizz will be dangerous again.

We really needed TA to defend Leonard - we had no answer for him in the fourth. This is why he is one of most important options.

We really had some horrible calls go against us. The foul calls were very uneven - different standards for each team.

SA been there, done that. The Grizz still looking for their first and more respect to boot.

I rarely criticize our coaching decisions, but in my humble opinion, Joerger is in just as much of a funk as any individual player we have. He is not coaching by gut or instinct at all right now, taking out hot players just because his script says so. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and the Grizz are at their best at those times. Not having TA was crucial, but the moment that Calathes was put on Leonard - when the game was within a few points - I said out loud, "What is he thinking? That's a suicide mission." Then Leonard proceeded to score 8 unanswered points and 14 points in under 3 minutes. By the time Calathes was taken off of Leonard, the game was out of reach.

Stop all the hate. If you're a real Grizzlies fan then when you supported them on their wins I hope you still support them at their losses.

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