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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Utah

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Jazz fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Utah forums

Pre-game views

Should be a great test for our post-Enes front court

Hopefully Memphis players will be to filled up on ribs from Rendezvous before the game to play well. Should be interesting to see Gobert on Big Spain. France vs Spain quite the rivalry in Euro ball.

Maybe Memphis thinks we're a free pass to rest their guys. Need to crush them.

In-game views

Crazy pass by Gasol to the corner btw. Looked like he was ****ed

Grizz back court is doing well. They have 14 of the Grizz's 20 points.

lee is playing well. memphis is old tho. they won't be that good when we rise

All the advanced stats said Adams would be good in the NBA, not so far...

Playing against the Grizz's defense makes me realize how much other teams must hate playing against ours.

The difference between cheering for a good defense and a bad defense:

With a bad defense, you can feel like your team is doing great and yet the game is tied.

With a good defense, you can feel like your team is doing awful and yet the game is tied.

Rudy is a wall. No one tries to get by him anymore.

Jazz defense is clicking but even still Memphis is getting better looks - Hayward is going to have to come alive somehow if Utah wants to win.

It's called The Grind House, and we are a grindin'

Calathes holds guards to 10% below their FG% on average, according to Grizz announcers.

His height bothering Burke. Good lateral foot speed too.

We are just shutting these fools down on their own court. Jazz are just too ****ing good.

I kind of like calathes. Would be a great back up.

That was fun.

Post-game views

And Gobert once again, makes the Jazz team 10x more fun to watch

That was a great performance. We finally started hitting shots in the second half and ran away with it. Our defense is amazing. The Grizzlies had nothing but tough shots tonight.

Hood was huge tonight. I don't think the Jazz win without him

Ugliest game this season. Memphis and Utah setting the game back 50 years.

-I like this Memphis team. Going to root for them in the playoffs

-Especially if they play the Clippers. Love watching Randolph own Griffin.

-Pretty sure Randolph lives to traumatize Griffin.

Most fun I've had all season watching this team. Gobert is scary and with favors the front court is dominant. Watching Gasol get frustrated was great. Exum showed me something tonight that gave me hope for him. So fun..... GO JAZZ

As I said earlier in another thread. We are going to be a scary ****ing team in the next few years. This defense is down right terrifying.

Hood and Adams were both good. Adams is pesky defensively and is very savvy for a rookie.

We just broke them... It got too hard and they gave in and we made a run... Bleeping awesome.