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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Rockets fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Houston forums

Pre-game views

Need a big effort from Jimbo since the squad will be fatigued and Memphis will be focused.

A must win. If the Rockets have any hopes of getting the 2nd seed and holding off Portland for at least the 3rd seed, they have to get this one.

Harden should be ready to go. Don't know IF Zebo will be ready since he was illed last night and missed the game against the Jazz. Allen should be back for the Grizz coming off his one game team suspension. Rockets need this W to get back on a winning streak and pickup a game in the standings.

I definitely want to see Harden play like a revenge monster and annihilate them.

Vintage Harden game incoming.

Gonna be tough playing against the grizz and refs, but we pull out the W.

Don't like this game tonight. Just lost a tough one last night. Our bigs are getting worn down without Dwight. Now they've gotta play a herd of elephants tonight. Just have a funny feeling we're gonna get totally annihilated inside on this one.

Tony Allen's one of those guys I love watching play. I'm always excited when Harden goes up against him.

In-game views

What a great start

We cant miss from 3!

Jones' strength is amazing now! He used to struggle so hard against Zbo and Gasol

refs hosing us as usual

C'mon second unit! Gotta play better than this! Where are you Brewer?!

I guess mark it down two games in a row we getting screwed, y'all

wtf if i were at TC, I'd throw my cup at that ref who just called DMo's 3rd foul

I look at the Memphis players on the court and how in the hell do they have 42 wins

Calathes has been a pain in the butt! 4 steals!!

tony allen and nick calathes r killing us

griz commentators much better and even than hawks, not a pain in the ass to watch this stream

Memphis doing a great job not turning it over like so many teams who have played us recenlty, this is how were gonna win/lose the game tonight

this game is boring

Harden can't ****ing shoot.

man its scary how good the randolph / gasol high low is....both of them great from both the high and low post

Grizzlies finally realized DMo and Jones are clueless on defense down low

Gasol brothers love to scream for fouls!

Gasoline never ever misses

Harden getting owned by Lee.

we should have been up by more at half time

see how the Grizzlies box out, that is what we need to learn

Grizzlies frontline imposing their will on the Rox.

Well thats game, no way we are coming back with the way we are playing on O and especially on D, jst another **** performance by this lazy ass team.

how many MFers do we need to be on Randolph??? half the team went to cover him

Harden has to guard Zbo because Dmo cant

they just throwing up anything and it goes in

It's not over boys!!!!!!

OMG refs!! F U


Hahahahahaha if that's not a foul then what is? Blatant hack across the arm.

it wasnt a foul harden lost control of ball

I think if Harden had attacked sooner, he may have gotten the call. But still, Lee got the call at the other end. They need to be consistent.

If there is any karma in this game, they'll miss the shot.

Z-Bo with a clear swipe, but this is what happens when Harden throws up his hands everytime he loses the ball, referees are not going to give him the benefit so easily, especially late in the game...they better not call any bull**** for them though!


Post-game views

I'm out of there now, but my God I've never been in a crowd that completely pissed off before!

I heard profanity that I never knew existed!

who's randolph anyway 10 years from now? some fat ****. harden has hof'er potential and can carry a team.

For a ref to swallow a whistle so deliberately as that play last night is simply unacceptable. There was no question that there was illegal contact on that drive and it should have been two foul shots. The Refs "balancing" the game by not calling fouls for Harden is no different than any other instance of too much referee interference.

A go-to narrative that seems to have popped up is that since Harden gets a lot of foul calls it is OK if they miss or do not call fouls for him. This is complete garbage and is not even a valid critique. It is nothing more than the mewling whines of crybabies.

The no-calls are only going to get worse in the playoffs so just better get used to it. The game should have never gotten to that point anyway.

It's a joke how a guy like Calathes who was caught juicing is allowed to continue playing in the league.

classic b2b performance, NBA needs to get rid of them

Memphis slowly but surely chokes you do death. You never think they are that good but they just wear you down throughout games, or series.

They are a team with one star, two half stars and a bunch of scrubs


Live by the ref's whistle, die by the ref's whistle?

Weird ending, though we cannot blame the refs there, Harden throws his hands up like that so often, they are bound to miss one and you're not getting calls late in the game. He also started his drive late and was clearly looking for a call/. Initially, it didn't look like a foul but a clear strip to me.

Unf***king real. Absolutely amazing comeback by the Rockets despite getting completely trashed by the Memphis front court all game (D-Mo... you were BAD) and they get completely HOSED by the refs.

Harden and the Rockets have to learn not to depend on refs calling fouls in the endgame. Backlash

The league needs to suspend or fine refs for making wrong calls and or no calls, they fine the **** out of the players, so why are these ****ing dip**** officials immune to accountability ??? I truly hate the NBA on nights like this ...


I'll bet the refs were praying the Grizzlies didn't score on that last possession. At least if it went to OT, they would've gotten off the hook somewhat. Now it magnifies that horrible non-call.

Hurts but life moves on, I'm going to go have sex with the girlfriend now!

Don't forget our coach letting them take a 6 point lead to a 10 point lead, refusing to make any substitutions even after calling a timeout. That could have made all the difference.

Hopefully the final insult from this game will not be Randolph giving Harden or one of our main rotation players the flu.

Folks being upset at the refs lol. We were down huge in 4th on soft D. DMo cost us at least 10 points...dont blame the refs for piss poor defense

Every loss we complain about refs. hhhmmmmmm

Ah well, Harden will be a HOF when it's said and done and ZBo will be a mostly forgettable player in the end.