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Recapping the Enemy: The View From LA (Lakers)

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Lakers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Lakers forums

Pre-game views

For good teams like Memphis I'm hoping Byron rolls out his best possible lineup and his best possible rotations. Since we're unlikely to win anyway we might as well play hard.

Blow us out by 30, Grizz!

Let the losing streak continue

This should be a loss no doubt. But, there are some games at home vs some easy teams coming up. The way we have been playing, we will win those. If we really blow our top 5 pick, Mitch, Jim, and Byron all need to be tortured until they learn how to tank properly.

In-game views

Clarkson show!

Jordan Clarkson what a game so far vs an elite team in Memphis. Only 1 turnover thus far which is indicative of his development.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Tarik's mom

I've not been watching much NBA, is that really Marc?

We need Ed.

Poor Sacre Bleu. He just has no chance at all against Marc.

Clarkson vs Conley makes me think maybe Clarkson can be starting caliber next year...

Come on Memphis. It’s winning time

here comes the tank

1 point. hold onto this loss Lakers

Magic won and the Lakers lost. YEAHHH!!!

Post-game views

Its all good JC had a monster game today and the tank got a win.

Randolph kept our tank alive and BS helped it a bit more!

Yessss LEEEGGGOOO glad we lost, I was scared at the 8 min mark

Thanks Green, Randolph, Gasol, you 3 are the real MVP

The tank mechanic award goes to Wes Johnson tonight. That bone headed foul late sealed it.

Really glad we lost this one. With some easy games coming up this was a must lose. 4 of the next 7 games are at home against Detroit, NY, Utah and Philly. Unfortunately I see us winning all those.

Good game. The guys earned their paychecks tonight. Not such an easy win by the Grizzlies.

The Grizz are fighting for playoff position, and they only decided to play in two quarters.