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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New Orleans

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pelicans fans

The following are actual comments gathered from New Orleans forums

Pre-game views

If the Pels play smart they can win

no more careless turnovers, better defense and more AA would be a good place to start

In-game views

way too much cheering for Memphis baskets

Wow, this one already getting out of hand.

they are running us off the court

the Grizzlies are playing great much for them having tired legs

Memphis is loaded with stars and veteran leadership.

Guys, I think we are possibly playing the future NBA 2015 Champions.

Memphis has flawless defense

7-0 run to start the 3rd... I'll take it

Why are they getting so many foul calls? Geez.

I'll say that was a pretty good 3rd qtr... 33-17 in favor of NOP

Team effort. Gotta close it out


Post-game views

AD and Asik > Gasol and Zbo. We just shut them down. They were supposedly best bigmen duo. Supposedly my ***.

how many Grizzlies will do extra work on their FTs on the next practice day?

QPon had 7 assists. . .mannnnn

Great win! 0,5 behind OKC again.

I'd love to knw what's the deal with the past few games and the refs not calling obvious fouls for us and touch fouls for the other team I mean come on

Just watched the game. What a hot dam win. Thes types of wins are make the losses to the inferior teams that much more nut crunching. A little consistency is all this team needs and we could easily be a top 5 seed in the west.

We do need to value basketball more but if we play the game we can play, we can beat everyone..well maybe not GS

3rd quarter was a thing of beauty