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Memphis Grizzlies Top 5 Stories of the Week

Here are the five biggest stories from the Memphis Grizzlies' past week of action.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The playoff picture for much of the Western Conference is still pretty convoluted, and Joe Mullinax goes through some of the best and worst case scenarios for the Memphis Grizzlies.

What's the true impact of Tony Allen? We take a look at how much the Grizzlies are missing their All-World defensive stopper. Get that hamstring fixed up soon, Grindfather!

Remember when the Grizzlies always had that big chip on their shoulder as an underdog? They should get back to that frame of mind that Zach Randolph helped them culture so long ago.

Kevin Lipe told us that there's no telling which version of the Memphis Grizzlies will see the rest of the regular season. They've definitely struggled with consistency for much of 2015.

After stomping the Pelicans on Wednesday night, Marc Gasol gives one little fan a high five that'll make just about anyone smile ... or cry... or weep uncontrollably.