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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Utah

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Jazz fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Utah forums

Pre-game views

The Grizzlies are in a fierce battle for the #2 seed in the West, I expect them to bring it.

I hope Hood, Rudy, Hayward, and Favors do well and we lose by a point so we maintain the #10 pick. I feel dirty when I root for the Jazz to lose...

Finally a real game.

In-game views

Was not expecting a shootout between these two teams.

The Jazz aren't even playing bad defense. Memphis is just on fire.

wtf is wrong with udrih? he cant miss

Conley being out is a great thing for Memphis tonight. Udrih is killing us.

How come Booker raising up his arms was a technical, but screaming at the ref and throwing the ball at the scorer's table isn't?

Wow Gasol... Gobert's kryptonite right now

The Jazz consistently do not get calls down the stretch in close games.

Hey why isn't Gasol's freakout a technical? I mean Booker throwing his arms up was, so...

pretty sure hayward is gona brick 1 of these at least.

That was not a foul. NBA owed The Jazz one.


Post-game views

Young Jazz will have a lot to learn watching the tape on this game. Great experience for them dealing with vets like Gasol and Zbo.

I usually like Marc Gasol but he sure acted like a little bitch there at the end during the free throws. They should have called him for a technical....

The ball does not lie...I'm not even mad

just looked at the conference standings after tonights game. even after losing, jazz are soo close to phoenix. this is a big step. and to be just a free throw from taking memphis to OT is a huge step for this team.

I hate how refs call it tight, then let loose all of a sudden for the "bigger poster boy team's",another strategy by the NBA to help their favorite team get an edge that they desperately need. Up to 5 min mark it was hard calls everywhere on everyone, techs and all, then out of nowhere, they let Grizzlies have 3-4 possessions in a row, 3 different players had dead possessions because Grizzlies fouled us. It only completely won the game for the Grizzlies who were lagging behind.

Jazz handed the Grizzlies the win, even though they tried so hard.I am sick of us playing fair ball, we got to get mean streak going, cause I am sick of these other teams bullying Jazz, and using "bull$hit warfare" tactics. It has become a revolving joke that I stopped laughing at when we decided to be a great team.

They really need to nationally televise EVERY Gobert vs. Gasol matchup. It is one of the best in the NBA

gasol is def the best center in nba

The bull**** technical on Booker ended up being the difference.

It should be a technical foul if you get in the face of the would be free throw shooter and try to talk a bunch of trash.

Memphis treated this like a playoff game and played extremely hard. I also thought they actually benefitted from Conley being out because Udrih had the night of his life. And yet, the game was very winnable. It's heartbreaking but encouraging.