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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Los Angeles (Clippers)

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Clippers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Los Angeles forums

Pre-game views

Must win tomorrow. Winning 13 of the last 15 is not that impressive if the 2 losses come at the hands of GS and Memphis. Let's go Clips!

really big game, maybe the biggest of the regular season. Against our old foe and for a good match up in the first round of the PO's. Let's get it done!

Hands down most important game of the season. MUST win in every sense of the word. I think the team knows that and WILL win at home. I'd love to see Blake get the Memphis monkey off his back and go off for 45 against these guys.

In-game views

BG / DJ need to keep running down the floor, Griz bigs can't keep up.

Oooh, looks like Gasol is limping.

Gasol is heading into the locker room. I hope he doesn't come back.

Hope Marc doesn't miss playoffs from this injury

I am not liking how we're playing the Grizz skeleton crew. There has to me more urgency and focus. Put these guys away now.

If we lose to this depleted Grizz team on a second of a back2back, we deserve what we get.

We gotta get control of Beno he is basically the only reason they are in this game

Its disgusting watching our bench play.

Clippers always seemed to be on the verge of going on a run, but then they'd make a silly mistake and let the Grizz get back into it.

Zbo's doing a really good job boxing out DJ.

Looked like Green threw an uppercut, should check for flagrant...

What type of reffing is this?

Great job making your free throws, DJ. Clutch!!!

Post-game views

2nd place here we come

Nice to see we got all the key rebounds in the 4th, good win

This feels like a loss. Memphis clearly played harder and IMO deserved to win, given that. Clippers just had too much of a talent edge with no Gasol/Conley/Allen. If they played, Clippers likely lose by 20 with same energy.

A win is a win no matter how many of the Grizzlies' starters were out. This game was important to them too. Glad Clippers got the W.

Gotta say that our home crowd was awesome tonight. They could be heard over Ralph and Mike and it was refreshing to get such a pumped-out crowd screaming and chanting and doing all sorts of noisy support for our guys.

The most crookedly officiated game I've seen in a while, the 'W' notwithstanding.

Glad we were able to win this one. Refs missed the DJ foul call. Didn't like the Blake offensive foul call either. Lucky for us the refs calls didn't cost us the game. Lastly great job by DJ for knocking down his last two free throws.

Part of being a good team is beating the teams that you're supposed to beat. Memphis for example is in the position that they are (having to battle for seeding) because in the last 25 (14-11), they lost to Washington X2, Detroit, Pelicans, Sacramento and Boston. They win even half of those and they are looking at (17-8), about 60 wins and a guaranteed #2 seed.

Seriously, the amount of bias and incompetence in favor of the Grizzlies by the refs was atrocious. Good for you, DJ, in making those free throws even as they clearly fouled you without the ball with less than two minutes to go.

Our starters are so good

And our bench is so bad