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GBB 2015 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Picks 1-15 - Trade Time!

Our second mock draft of the year.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

IT'S MOCK DRAFT TIME! IT'S MOCK DRAFT TIME! The NCAA Tournament is over so we of course we have to mock up the draft with all the new information we have.

Here are the rules:

  • Chip Williams and I are putting on our GM caps and switching picks.
  • Trades are possible.
  • No picking Memphis Tigers because well....why would we?

*The draft order is as of April 1, 2015. Some changes have transpired between now and then.

Trade Alert:

Los Angeles Lakers Receive:

#1 Overall Pick
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Shane Larkin

New York Knicks Receive:
#4 Overall Pick
Julius Randle

Jonah: Do you remember when you were a kid and you were riding your bike. Hair blowing in the wind and you felt on top of the world. Then you hit a rock. The handlebars start wobbling. You're losing balance. You may fall. What do you do? You gotta take a leap of faith in that big patch of grass. This is the leap of faith for both teams. The Lakers get the best player in the draft and Tim Hardaway Jr. isn't terrible.

With the first pick, the Los Angeles Lakers select.......Karl-Anthony Towns (7'0" 250 lbs.) Center, Kentucky.

Jonah: I already thought Towns was the best prospect in the draft, but his performance in the NCAA Tournament has completely won me over. I don't care if he's bigger than everyone he played and I don't want to hear about it. He's so skilled around the basket and can hit some mid range shots. I think he may be the only top prospect that can immediately contribute consistently on both ends of the floor. He's an athletic freak and a very smart defensive player. I cannot wait to watch him in an NBA uniform. The Lakers need a center that can play any kind of defense and Towns fits the bill.

Chip: Lakers make an awesome trade............and then get the pick wrong. Towns is completely worthy of going No. 2. No.1? Not so much. There's only one player in this draft worthy of being selected No. 1, and speaking of him...

With the second pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves select.......Jahlil Okafor (6'11" 270 lbs.) Center, Duke.

Chip: Minnesota now has to franchise-changing players on their roster - Andrew Wiggins and Okafor. The Duke freshman superstar has been considered the best NBA prospect in his class for several years, and this season has done nothing but confirm that. Okafor is about as skilled on the offensive end, in particular on the block, as we've seen in a center in many years. Some knock his defense, but I'm not too concerned. He's going to be a perennial all-star. Congratulations, Minnesota. You now have the best wing-center combo since Kobe and Shaq.

Jonah: I was down on Okafor the last 2015 NBA mock draft we did, but I've actually fallen in love with him during the Tournament. He is such a talented offensive player it's ridiculous. The post moves and footwork in the post he exhibits is not something a Freshman in college should have. I didn't take him number 1 because his defense is so awful. It's going to hold him back, but maybe...just maybe Kevin Garnett can teach him a thing or two.

With the third pick, the Philadelphia 76ers select........D'Angelo Russell (6'5" 180 lbs.) Guard, Ohio State

Jonah: D'ANGELO RUSSELL IS THE NEXT JAMES HARDEN AND YOU CANNOT TELL ME OTHERWISE. I'm interested to see what position he is going to play in the NBA, but the 76ers are perfect for him. They have the flexibility for him to figure out what position he will be as an NBA player. His vision and creativity with the ball makes swoon. The jumpshot off the dribble brings me so much joy and flashbacks to a young James Harden. The 76ers have a nice little core after adding Russell to Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and Tony Wroten. It's going to be all of the fun times in Philadelphia next season.

Chip: I'm a D'Angelo Russell fan. The first few times I saw him play this season, I immediately thought he could challenge Okafor, Towns and Mudiay for the top pick. He seems to have solidified himself in the top-four prospects. His court vision and passing abilities are far beyond his years. If he wants to be, I think he can be a point guard. His game is going to translate very well to the NBA, and he'll be given tons of minutes in Philly. (P.S. Don't forget about Dario Saric in Philly. He'll be a part of that core one day.)

With the fourth pick, the New York Knicks select.........Emmanuel Mudiay (6'5" 200 lbs.) Point Guard, Guangdong, China (United States)

Chip: They're already printing the shirts as we speak:
Emmanuel &
Carmelo &
Julius &
uh, Andrea? &
*fine print* we'll figure out the other two later
But seriously, Mudiay, Julius Randle, and Carmelo is a pretty good starting block for a rebuilding franchise. And maybe, just maybe, they can attract a big-time free agent to come play with these three (not Marc, though). Mudiay had elite size and strength for the point guard position. He'll have to work on his shooting (but, really, few rookies are good shooters), but he filled up the stat sheet while playing in China. Mudiay is really good in the open floor and has that Hardenian ability to split defenders and get to rim. It'll be fun to see that guy in the mystifying Triangle Offense.

Jonah: I'd totally buy that shirt. The Knicks are racking up in this draft. It makes me think Phil Jackson may actually be alive. I wouldn't have minded the Knicks reaching for Myles Turner here, but Mudiay is going to be so great for them. If they abandon the triangle, they totally have to now, and run a system that doesn't make Mudiay shoot threes ever. His form is hideous. It's what keeping him from being a top three pick in this draft.

Trade Alert:
Orlando Magic Receive:
#13 pick
The Morri Twins
Reggie Bullock

Phoenix Suns Receive:
#5 pick
Channing Frye
Moe Harkless

With the fifth pick, the Phoenix Suns select.........Justise Winslow (6'6" 225 lbs). Small Forward, Duke.

Jonah: I am in love with this whole scenario. The Suns get back Channing Frye after dumping the Morri Twins (chemistry problems galore) on Orlando and grab a sneaky great young guy in Moe Harkless who I think the whole Magic organization hates for some reason. Then they pick up my favorite small forward in the draft. Winslow fits right in next to Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe on the wing. He is going to be a great defensive player at the next level. Everything with him screams "NEXT JIMMY BUTLER". The Duke product is relentless, athletic and just plain awesome. His inconsistent jumper needs some work, but I'm confident he will work on it and be a good three point shooter in the future.

Chip: Winslow is one of those guys whose draft stock - that was already pretty high to begin with - has skyrocketed thanks to a great NCAA Tournament. The Suns drafted TJ Warren last year, but Winslow and Warren are different enough players that they can play on the court together. Once we get past the top four prospects, there are probably 4-5 guys that could go No. 5. Winslow will fit in well with the Suns and add yet another super athlete to Phoenix - who always seems to have a plethora of freakish athletes.

With the sixth pick, the Sacramento Kings select...........Kristaps Porzingis (7'0" 220 lbs.) PF, Sevilla (Latvia).

Chip: REACH ALERT: Now this is not that much or crazy of a reach, but it is a reach nonetheless. There is not another player even remotely close to what Porzingis is in this draft. He has elite size, mobility, fluidity and skill for the power forward position. Porzingis can play above the rim, with his back to the basket, facing the basket or even out on the wing on occasion. There were many questions surrounding Porzingis as a prospect because he has a decent chance of being a bust, but he has sold me on at least being an NBA player and probably a pretty darn good one. His ceiling is limitless, but his floor is still pretty low so there's plenty of risk for the Kings. But if it works out like it can, Porzingis and Cousins can be a scary good front-court.

Jonah: For those that don't know Chip and I do not influence each other's picks. But if you hadn't picked my boy Kristaps here we were going to have problems.He's going to fit right into George Karl's offense. The Kings are going to be able to run run run run with Porzingis at Power Forward. And they are going to be huge in the frontcourt next to DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay.

With the seventh pick, the Denver Nuggets select........Mario Hezonja (6'8" 200) Shooting Guard, Croatia.

Jonah: The Nuggets are a bit of a mess right now, but Mario Hezonja is going to help bring some stability to the wing. He's as smoooooooth as they come. He would be much higher on the board if teams didn't have some concerns about his maturity. The Nuggets need someone with the complete offensive game that the Nuggets need. His size and quickness make him a nightmare matchup for smaller guards on offense and defense. The Nuggets are going to go as fast as they want with Ty Lawson and Hezonja picking apart defenses on the break. I am pumped up for the revival of the Nuggets.

Chip: Mario to the Nuggets is an example of drafting best player available rather than need, and I wish more teams did this. The Nuggets took Gary Harris last year so taking Hezonja might puzzle some, but I like it. Especially since Hezonja has the size necessary to guard NBA threes. A Lawson-Harris-Hezonja back-court could be lots of fun.

With the eighth pick, the Detroit Pistons select........Willie Cauley-Stein (7'0" 245 lbs.) Center, Kentucky.

Chip: This makes no sense for Detroit, but sources tell Grizzly Bear Blues' Chip Williams that Detroit may be making this pick for another team as a part of a draft-and-trade. Stay tuned for further details. As for Cauley-Stein the player, he was the best available on my board at this time. The junior center has the size, length and athleticism the be a really good defensive center. His offensive game and strength need some work, but there is no doubting Cauley-Stein's potential. He should be able to provide decent minutes as a rookie simply based on his ability to protect the rim and run the floor faster than most NBA centers. Detroit could be looking to add Cauley-Stein for Monroe insurance, but it looks like ole Willie will need to trade in that Pistons hat before he takes his draft day pictures.

Jonah: It's a shame Cauley-Stein is on the move. I liked him in Detroit next to Andre Drummond, especially since Greg Monroe may be headed elsewhere this summer. I'm also very much enjoying your Woj like reporting ability. You outchea breaking all the news.

Trade Alert:
Indiana Receives:
#11 pick
Rodney Hood

Utah Receives:
#9 Pick
Ian Mahinmi

With the ninth pick, the Utah Jazz select.........Stanley Johnson (6'8" 245 lbs) Small Forward, Arizona.

Jonah: The Utah Jazz have been an elite defensive team since the All-Star break (aka getting rid of Enes Kanter) and with the addition of Stanley Johnson they're going to be even better. The frontcourt of Johnson, Derrick Favors and the Stifle Tower is absolutely terrifying to me. They have such a high ceiling it's incredible. Johnson is arguably the least athletic of the bunch and that is just scary. If Justise Winslow hadn't had such a strong NCAA Tournament I think we would be talking about Winslow as a top 5 pick instead. His offensive game needs some work, but I don't see how he doesn't immediately make this Utah team better.

Chip: It feels like Stanley Johnson didn't have a very good NCAA Tournament, but that's probably just because Winslow's Tournament was awesome. Johnson is, undoubtedly, an upgrade over Hood. He isn't a great athlete, but he does have a very explosive first step. He's grown throughout his freshman season at Arizona, and he has the body type to step in and play immediately in the NBA.

With the tenth pick, the Charlotte Hornets select..........Kelly Oubre Jr. (6'7" 205 lbs.) SF, Kansas.

Chip: Kelly Oubre rounds out the top 10. This is a guy who has top-five potential coming into his freshman season, but he and continues the run of relatively disappointing Kansas freshman. Oubre showed flashes of being what everyone expected him to be, but you really never knew what to expect on any given night. I believe, however, that Oubre's game is one that translates very well to the NBA game. He has potential to be a tremendous wing defender, and he has all the physical tools you look for in an NBA wing (6'7", 7'1.5" wingspan, chiseled body). The Hornets have been disappointed with Lance Stephenson. Oubre could potentially be what they expected Stephenson to be, and he fits perfectly next to guys like Gerald Henderson and PJ Hairston.

Jonah: I think this may be a bit of a reach. Oubre was inconsistent in his freshman season and didn't do much to impress in the Tournament. This pick is all off potential and I don't know if the Hornets are in position to do that. Maybe he can sit behind MKG and develop, but I'm not sure this is the right pick here.

With the eleventh pick, the Pacers select......... Kris Dunn (6'4" 205 lbs.) Point Guard, Providence.

Jonah: In our last mock we somehow left out Kris Dunn. I won't let us make that mistake a second time. Dunn is the point guard the Pacers have always been looking for to back up and maybe replace George Hill. He's a dynamic playmaker that has soooo much potential. He's not a great finisher or shooter but with a good coach he will get better. This may be a reach, but I love big guards with potential like Dunn. I think we'll be looking back and thinking how much of a steal this is in a few years. Also he spells Kris with a K. That's awesome.

Chip: Yeah we screwed up leaving Dunn out of our first mock. I have him rated as the thirteenth best prospect in this class, so I don't think it's a reach. But I had Oubre eleventh, and I didn't think that was a reach. This draft is ridiculous when it comes to point guard size. Of the top six point guards/combo guards (as rated by me), the shortest one is Dunn at 6'4". That's nuts. In fact, you have to go all the way to the seventh rated point guard and twenty-sixth overall prospect in Tyus Jones (6'1") before you find a point guard who you might consider of more traditional size.

With the twelfth pick, the Boston Celtics select.........Myles Turner (6'11" 240 lbs.) Center, Texas.

Chip: Turner slipped out of the top 10, but he's not making it past Boston at 12. The Texas big-man has a killer mid-range jumper that he could eventually, with proper coaching, extend out to the NBA three-point line. Tuner has a ridiculous 9'2" standing reach, and he was a very solid rim protector at Texas. He needs to add muscle and work on his overall athleticism once he gets to the league. Tuner may be viewed as some what of a project, but the Celtics hired Brad Stevens for guys just like this. It's a perfect situation for Turner to maximize his skills.

Jonah: Myles Turner is a good fit for the Celtics. The Celtics desperately need a rim protector. As you said, he's a project, but I bet Brad Stevens is going to turn him into something. I love centers that can shoot and protect the rim like Turner.

With the thirteenth pick, the Orlando Magic select........Sam Dekker (6'9" 229 lbs.) Small Forward, Wisconsin.

Jonah: This was a tough pick for the Magic. They don't need a center like Kaminsky that takes up space next to Vucci Mane and they are now crowded a bit at the power forward spot after the trade for the Morri Twins. So they take the best small forward available which is Dekker. He's going to be an interesting fit next to VIctor Oladipo. He's a versatile wing that can impact both sides of the ball. Offensively, he will fit right in because he doesn't need the ball in his hands. He can play off of Vucci Mane and Oladipo perfectly. I think it will take time for him to be as good on defense as he was in college.

Chip: Dekker will probably end up winning this year's 'I made myself a crap ton of money by being awesome in the NCAA Tournament' award. The talent has always been there, and he seems to be putting it together at the right time. There's really not a lot that you won't like about the guy. He's a good athlete, he's got great size, he can shoot, he can even play a little defense, and he's continuously getting better.

Trade Alert:

Detroit Pistons Receive:

#14 Pick

Terrance Jones

Houston receives:

No. 8 pick (Willie Cauley-Stein)

Spencer Dinwiddie

Shawne Williams

Chip: And there it is. The details of the deal were being finalized, but Houston moves up to get their guy WCS. They have to part with Terrance Jones, but they also take a chance on the very talented Spencer Dinwiddie. Shawne Williams can be, well, Shawne Williams. WCS is an upgrade over Joey Dorsey, and who knows if Dwight Howard can ever stay healthy enough to be what he was brought to Houston to be.

With the fourteenth pick, the Detroit Pistons select.......Frank Kaminsky (7'0" 242 lbs.) Center, Wisconsin.

Chip: Look at Stan Van Gundy, will ya? He wasn't in love with Willie Cauley-Stein at eight, so he flipped him and Spencer Dinwiddie (and, yeah, Shawne Williams) for Terrance Jones and the No.14 pick, and how about Frank the Tank falling right into his lap. The Pistons are going to lose Greg Monroe this offseason. And once you get past Andre Drummond, their bigs are Joel Anthony, Josh Harrellson and Anthony Tolliver. Good grief. So Stan Van went out and got himself Jones, who can step in right away, and Kaminsky, who will be able to contribute from day one. Nice work, Stan.

Jonah: STAN IS A GENIUS!!!!! IM ALL THE EXCITED FOR DRUMMOND/KAMINSKY MY BRAIN CAN BARELY COMPREHEND HOW AWESOME ITS'S GOING TO BE!!!! Kaminsky can step out to the three point line and work in the post. Pairing him with Drummond helps shore some defensive concerns, but this is finally turning into a Stan Van Gundy like team.

Trade Alert:
Brooklyn Receives:
#15 overall pick

Atlanta Receives:
2015 second rounder
2017 second round (from Bos)
Cash considerations

With the fifteenth pick, the Brooklyn Nets select........Cameron Payne (6'2" 180lbs.) Point Guard, Murray State.

Jonah: Look anybody the Nets take here is the right pick, but since Payne is the highest left on the board they go with him. The Nets need to start preparing for a future without Deron Williams and Jarrett Jack so taking a point guard here isn't a terrible idea. I think Payne has some serious Damian Lillard like potential. He's a deadeye shooter and can get to the rack and finish some. He needs to get stronger, but there's no way an NBA health regimen can't get him strong enough to compete. I wouldn't be shocked if he jumped up into the lottery after workouts and the combine.

Chip: Whoa. Cam Payne moving on up. It wouldn't be overly surprising if he were to jump up into the mid-first round by the time the draft rolls around. I currently have him as a late-first to early-second round pick, but I could see wind up going somewhere around here.