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GBB 2015 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Picks 16-30

GBB's second mock draft of the year!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

GBB 2015 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Picks 1-15

IT'S NBA MOCK DRAFT TIME! IT'S MOCK DRAFT TIME! The NCAA Tournament is over so we of course we have to mock up the draft with all the new information we have.

Here are the rules:

  • Chip Williams and I are putting on our GM caps and switching picks.
  • Trades are possible.
  • No picking Memphis Tigers because well....why would we?

*The draft order is as of April 1, 2015. Some changes have transpired between now and then.

With the sixteenth pick, Philadelphia 76ers select............Bobby Portis (6'11" 240 lbs.) Power Forward, Arkansas.

Chip: So far, Philly has landed D'Angelo Russell and Bobby Portis in this draft. Check out Sam Hinkie putting in work. Portis has a motor that is always running. He's very aggressive and powerful by nature. He's got a solid back-to-the-basket game, and he reached the point last season where it was almost a surprise if he didn't wind up with a double-double. Portis will wind up getting plenty of early chances to play in the NBA as Philly is still (maybe forever) in asset accumulation mode.

Jonah: You just made the day of several Sixers bloggers. Several of them feel that Portis is perfect for this team and I don't think I disagree. With Noel and Embiid being the focus going forward, Portis can be a nice backup and play next to both of them. It's a good fit.

Trade Alert:
Bucks receive:
#27 Overall Pick
Courtney Lee
Jarnell Stokes

Grizzlies Receive:
#17 Overall Pick
Jared Dudley

Jonah: Look, giving up Stokes hurts. But it may be the only way to move up in this draft. Acquiring Jared Dudley helps with the perpetual spacing problems the Grizzlies have and paves the way for Jordan Adams. Getting the pick also allows for some infusion of more young talent on the wing. I'm not the biggest Courtney Lee fan in the world. He's such an inconsistent player to rely on for floor spacing, but I think he could fit in Milwaukee with OJ Mayo next to MCW.

With the seventeenth pick, the Memphis Grizzlies select........RJ Hunter (6'5" 180lbs.)

Jonah: We've finally gotten here. My favorite player in the draft goes to the team that's perfect for him. He can hit threes when his shot selection isn't horrid. He's an absolute pure scorer that can play the two and three. Only being 180 lbs is a problem, but it's completely fixable for someone that's 6'5". I think he's projected a bit lower other places, but after the Tournament he had and the combine/workouts I think he'll be moving up to about here come draft time.

Chip: I like the idea here, but I don't love the pick relative to who else was available. Jakob Poeltl and Devin Booker are two guys I would have loved here, but I do really like R.J. Hunter. He was introduced to the world when he hit the game-winning shot in the NCAA Tournament that made his dad fall out of the chair he was sitting in to coach. Hunter has some slightly skewed efficiency numbers due to his high usage rate at Georgia State, but I think he has a game that will translate to the NBA.

With the eighteenth pick, the Washington Wizards select.......Jakob Poeltl (7'0" 235 lbs.) Center, Utah.

Chip: Let me start this out by saying I believe Poeltl will be drafted much higher than this. The Austria native is going to, in a likelihood, end up in the top 12. Poeltl is going to be a project for whoever selects him, but he showed flashes as a freshman of being a really good center. He is a good rim protector (nearly 4 blocks per 40 minutes) and can rebound at a high rate. His offensive game will need some work, but he already brings a decent array of post skills to the NBA. Washington won't need to force Poeltl into early and can afford to bring him along slowly.

Jonah: Jakob Poeltl scares me so much. I think he needs another year in school so he can be a lottery pick next season. He seems so raw offensively and I don't think Washington has the coaching staff that can help him reach his potential.

With the nineteenth pick, the Philadelphia 76ers select.........Jerian Grant (6'5" 204 lbs.) Point Guard, Notre Dame.

Jonah: It's a travesty that Grant has somehow fallen this far. Absolute travesty. I think he's alot better than this. The 76ers found their future shooting guard at the third pick and may have found their point guard of the future right here. He's already a better offensive player, may be more athletic and is the same height. I think the Hinkie strategy may finally pay off or he'll sell this pick for a couple second round picks and a new boat.

Chip: I wish Grant was going to a better team because I think he's ready to step in right away and be a backup point guard for a good team. He'll thrive with the proper talent around him, so he can use his passing and play-making abilities. But, hey, D'Angelo Russell, Bobby Portis, and Jerian Grant is a really good draft.

With the twentieth pick, the Toronto Raptors select.......Kevon Looney (6'9" 220 lbs.) Power Forward, UCLA.

Chip: I'm a pretty big fan of Kevon Looney in the right situation, and I think Toronto is just that. For the most part, Looney relied on his hustle to score the majority of points off of offensive rebounds. He did show the ability to be a floor spacer on the offensive end - knocking down 41.5% of threes as a freshman. Looney has a 7'3" wingspan, and he uses it to cover lots of ground on the defensive end. His body will need some work, but Toronto is a good spot to bring him along at his own speed.

Jonah: Looney is a bigger Tyler Hansbrough that can shoot a little bit. He's all hustle and people are going to hate playing against him.

With the twenty-first pick, the Chicago Bulls select.........Devin Booker (6'6" 206 lbs.) Shooting Guard, Kentucky.

Jonah: The Bulls need some bench shooting pretty badly and since they missed on Grant they're taking the next best thing. He'd fit right into the Bulls offense by playing off Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler. He could knock down easy three pointers on kick outs from Joakim Noah or Pau Gasol, too. I love this fit so much and Chicago fans are going to love him too. That is if Thibs let's him off the bench and doesn't banish him to rookie purgatory with Doug McDermott.

Chip: Booker slipped a bit since our last draft, but he's in a good spot here with Chicago. Fred Hoiberg will enjoy having another floor spacer. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

With the twenty-second pick, the Dallas Mavericks select.........Trey Lyles (6'10" 245 lbs.) Power Forward, Kentucky.

Chip: Dallas needs all of the frontcourt help they can get. Honestly, they need just about all the help they can get period. Lyles is sometimes lost in the mix of Towns and Cauley-Stein, but he has loads of talent. Lyles has the ability to attack defenders with his back to the basket or facing up. He has the mid-range game that is essentially required to be a power forward in today's NBA. I picked Lyles here over Montrezl Harrell, so that should tell you that I'm falling more in love with his game because I'm a Harrell guy.

Jonah: The last two Kentucky guys were the guys that weren't so impressive in the Tournament. Lyles could be an upgrade over everyone they have on that bench. No strike that he's 100% better than Amar'e Stoudamire and Charlie Villanueva.

With the twenty-third pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers select.....Montrezl Harrell (6'8" 280 lbs.) Power Forward, Louisville.

Jonah: The Cavaliers may be losing Tristan Thompson this offseason and the Cavs need that energy/athleticism combo he brings off the bench. Harrell brings that at a cheaper price and a younger age. Harrell still has time to develop a more consistent jumpshot and post game. Harrell is also an excellent defensive player. The Louisville forward knows how to use his athleticism to affect shots around the rim. I think the Cavs could take a point guard here, but they could be reaching with who is left on the board.

Chip: Montrezl is a really good fit for Cleveland. He is a freak athlete for being such a big guy, and he's going to make a long career for himself being an energy four off the bench. He'll play his role in Cleveland, and with the collection of stars they already have, that's all you can ask for, honestly.

With the twenty-fourth pick, the Portland Trailblazer select.......Caris LeVert (6'7" 195 lbs.) Combo Guard, Michigan.

Chip: Caris LeVert is a very unique prospect. He can legitimately play point guard, shooting guard, and small forward. He is very comfortable and smooth with the ball in his hands, and he's a very capable play-maker. He is a good finisher at the rim and does well in catch-and-shoot situations. LeVert gives Portland plenty of flexibility in the second unit as he can play alongside Steve Blake, C.J. McCollum or Arron Afflalo.

Jonah: The Trailblazers have a bunch of guards that are so much fun, now. I could see Portland trading up or going for a big man here. LeVert has some potential as a contributor at the next level, but the Blazers could bury him on the end of their bench like they did Will Barton.

With the twenty-fifth pick, the San Antonio Spurs select..........Rondae Hollis Jefferson (6'7" 212 lbs.) Small Forward, Arizona.

Jonah: The Spurs don't necessarily have any big need coming into this draft (that is if Manu and Timmy D don't retire) so they just go with the best player available. Jefferson is an interesting project for a team like the Spurs to undertake. He's as athletic as Kawhi Leonard and plays with an incredible amount of energy. The jumpshot will need some work, but the Spurs have a history of helping players develop a nice jumpshot.

Chip: RHJ impressed me in the Tournament. He's a bit better and further along than I thought he was. He especially impressed me with his passing, so, naturally, he ends up in San Antonio. Yeesh.

With the twenty-sixth pick, the Boston Celtics select..........Tyus Jones (6'1" 185 lbs.) Point Guard, Duke.

Chip: If Tyus Jones had come out as a high school senior, he's maybe a second round pick. But, let's face it, he's been awesome all season, and he was awesome in the Tournament. I mean, he literally won Duke probably 4-5 games virtually by himself. He's a total gamer who takes and makes huge (and sometimes ridiculous shots), and Brad Stevens will love him (it kind of feels like you're obligated to mention Brad Stevens ever time the Celtics make a move, doesn't it?). Jones is most likely going to be a career backup, but he has a place in the NBA. He does everything coaches want you to do, and the moment will never be too big for him. He's really grown on me throughout the season, and he should have a nice, long NBA career.

Jonah: Ah the annual small point guard who is taken to high because of how awesome he was in the Tournament. I'm not in love with the pick or Jones.

With the twenty-seventh pick, the Milwaukee Buck select Justin Anderson (6'6" 227 lbs.) Small Forward, Virginia.

Jonah: After the trade and probably losing Kris Middleton to free agency the Bucks need some three point shooting and more defense. Anderson is a good three point shooter and will be able to defend at the next level. This could be a little low for him considering how talented he is.

Chip: Anderson to the Bucks makes sense. He's got 3-and-D potential, and he'll find a spot on the Bucks, especially after the Dudley trade.

With the twenty-eighth pick, the Los Angles Lakers select.......George Lucas (6'6" 202 lbs.) Point Guard, Pinheiros (Brazil)

Chip: This guy is a total freak show. He's already a gigantic point guard, and his 7-foot wingspan makes him play even bigger. He's already a terror on the defensive end due to his size and athleticism, but he's a very raw - probably a good two years away from being ready to contribute. Lucas is only 18, and he's shown the potential to be really good on both end of the floor. His ball handling and passing need work, but just from watching him briefly, the talent is undeniable. If the Lakers are willing to be patient, they may be getting a huge steal at the end of the first round.

Jonah: Ahhh patience is just not the Lakers thing, but I do like Lucas. I think this may be too low. I can't believe he fell this far! Maybe it's because he's a huge project an d

With the twenty-ninth pick, the Atlanta Hawks select............Christian Wood (6'11" 220 lbs.) Power Forward, UNLV.

Jonah: Christian Wood has the potential to be a good stretch four in the NBA so the Hawks taking him here makes some sense. Wood's jumpshot mechanics can be improved on so the Atlanta Hawks are a perfect fit. He has a thin frame, but makes up for it with by being a freak athlete with long arms. It also makes him a quality shot blocker. I don't think he's going to be able to rebound like he does in college at the NBA level. The Hawks got a player with some serious potential after stealing some second round picks from Brooklyn.

Chip: Wood was going to be who the Warriors were going to pick if if the Hawks had passed on him. He's going to be a bit of a project, but the talent is there. He's got the size and skill necessary to compete in the NBA.

With the thirtieth pick, the Golden State Warriors select.........Aleksander Vezenkov (6'9" 205 lbs.) Small Forward, Aris (Bulgaria).

Chip: I'm about to be completely honest: I know virtually nothing about this guy other than the fact that he's on a ton of NBA team's radars. There's always that one international guy that gets drafted, and you immediately go searching through your notes trying to find something about him. Well, meet that guy this year. The Warriors have no immediate need, and they can afford to take a flyer on a guy like Vezenkov. Timothe Luwawu is another international player that may backdoor his way into the first round. Regardless of who it is, just know, it's going to happen.

Jonah: What a name.