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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Golden State

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

Why in the world is Curry and Klay playing??. Warriors already locked up #1 seed

We need to win so that San Antonio can get the 2 seed

It'll be interesting to see who suits up for both teams

In-game views

Very nice start. Everyone ballin.

Playoff Klay has been dowloaded, installed.

I think Klay's shooting slump is over.

Unless klay is going to perform like this against the Spurs and Pelicans I'd rather the Warriors work on ball movement and defense instead of working on Klay getting his. It's exciting, but the Spurs are going to shut Klay ball down.

Has to be intimidating as hell when Klay or Curry get in the magical zone. looking like the Griz won't be #2 seed after all? May lose Home Court overall.

W's are giving the Griz a total smackdown... Hey... you wanna see us in the playoffs?

Oh boy, brutal fourth quarter.

Embarrassing performance by the bench. Just pathetic.

At least the bench is getting some "crunch time" minutes, if you will. Not that that negates nearly giving up a 25+ point lead.

This is hilarious.

This bench unit should be shamed out of the arena.

Post-game views

Remember when the main goal was avoiding the Grizzlies in the playoffs? I think we'd sweep them now.

No Conley hurts them big time, but we were far superior today. The playoffs will be different.

mo speights needs to take a drug test, he plays like he was stoned out of his mind


Are we even gonna think about giving Russ Smith, Jordan Adams, Koufos, Jamychal Green, and Jarnell Stokes any credit.....those guys were playing really hard....I like Smith a lot....Stokes too.......Smith was great at Louisville.

embarrassing 4th quarter, but alot of credit does need to go to Memphis. At least Memphis lost which means Spurs in 2nd.

Russ Smith had 16 points in the 4th quarter. He made Livingston his you know what. The Grizzlies bench got a lot of respect and my attention from me.

Their bench played stellar (even if we don't know who any of them are) and deserve a heckuva lot of credit. Their starters sucked and were totally overmatched by our starters. Still a great win and hopefully Klay is finally out of his funk heading into the playoffs. And FWIW, I think Memphis is toast.

Another dominant showing by the team. Memphis is not at our level yet.