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2015 GBB Memphis Grizzlies Awards

The regular season is finally over...but before the playoff begin, let's hand out some awards for a great Grizzlies season.

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With the regular season over, it is time for…


Seventeen of the finest bloggers on this site or anywhere were asked to vote on some offseason awards. Today, we want to award the most notable players from your Memphis Grizzlies.


The "First Team All Defense" Defensive Player of the Year

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  • Tony Allen-93%
  • Marc Gasol- 7%

What we said

Chip Williams- This one is pretty easy. TA has been awesome all year. Calathes and Kosta are Co-DPOY off the bench.

Kevin Yeung- Rare that a perimeter guy is doing more than rim protectors

Grace Baker- Tony Allen’s defense is invaluable to this team.

Eric Lenser- Calathes is actually much closer here than I think a lot of people would consider. Remember Calathes' 8 straight games of 2+ steals (including two nights of 4 steals)? And the fact he's the only reason Klay Thompson actually missed last night? Per NBA Stats, he's also had a bigger impact than Tony on opponents' shooting percentage everywhere except midrange. But for sheer number of minutes played, I have to go with Tony.

Raleigh McCool- Sure, Tony can be magnificent when he wants to be, but there are still the odd and semi-occasional lapses where he strays off Danny Green to help on Tony Parker for some reason, and gives up a wide-open three. Gasol is just more consistently great.

The "Maybe You’ll Play Next Year" Rookie of the Year
  • Jordan Adams- 62%
  • JaMychal Green- 23%
  • Russ Smith- 15%
What we said

Marco Delgado- Adams showed in the D-League that he is a NBA player and can help the Grizzlies in the next seasons

C. GrrBrrrr- Russ Smith, aka #Russdiculous aka the Pelicans' Hassan Whiteside. He's not as good as the Grizzlies' Hassan Whiteside, Hassan Whiteside. But still pretty good. Prediction: Quincy Pondexter for Russ Smith will be the trade that people point to when John Hollinger is given the GM job in Philadelphia in 2 years.

Grace Baker- JaMychal Green. This guy pleasantly surprised me. I really hope he can become part of the rotation in the future

Eric Lenser- Just had a heart-to-heart with the Grizzlies' coaching staff and they informed that we do not, in fact, have rookies on the roster. There are a few nobodies that the team puts in Memphis jerseys every once in a while, but nothing significant.

Sixth Man of the Year
  • Tony Allen- 13%
  • Jeff Green- 13%
  • Kosta Koufus- 40%
  • Beno Udrih- 34%
What we said

Raleigh McCool- Kosta Koufos- As we've all said, he should be playing at LEAST 10 more minutes a game

Kevin Yeung- Kosta Koufos was healthy all year, and led the way for that great bench defense in the second half of the season.

Joe Mullinax- Jeff Green brought an element to the Grizzlies that has not been there in some time.

Most Improved Player
  • Nick Calathes- 13%
  • Mike Conley- 6%
  • Marc Gasol- 13%
  • Kosta Koufus- 13%
  • First Half Courtney Lee- 6%
  • Tayshaun Prince- 6%
  • Jarnell Stokes- 6%
  • Beno Udrih- 40%
What we said

Joe Mullinax- Beno went from waiver wire pick up from a terrible Knicks team to a key rotation player for the Grizzlies.

Chip Williams- Udrih is a guy who basically didn't play in the regular season for the Grizz last year, stepped into the playoffs as the backup PG, was awesome, and has been really great all year.

Eric Lenser- Throughout this season Beno has been my favorite player to watch. No "most improved" or "sixth man" caveats, he's my favorite player to watch. His offensive skills have developed exponentionally and weaves through traffic like a seasoned New York cabbie to pull up for gorgeous jumpers that rain down like manna from heaven above.

Craig Fielder- Beno Udrih. Fantastic all year and proved a very able replacement when called upon to start in Conley's absence

Raleigh McCool- Before all those injuries started hitting around the AS break, Conley looked like he might be an All-Star, lead the team in scoring, and become a no-doubt top-five point guard. Only the late-season injuries sully his "Most Improved candidacy.

Grace Baker- Marc Gasol. He improved his physical fitness, aggressiveness, and overall performance this season

Kevin Yeung- Nick Calathes. Still has flaws, but this isn’t the Nick Calathes that half the fanbase hates anymore. Outstanding defender.

The Allen Iverson/Gilbert Arenas Most Disappointing Performance

  • Vince Carter- 77%
  • Courtney Lee- 13%
  • Second Half Courtney Lee- 3%
  • Jon Leuer- 7%

What we said

Joe Mullinax- Brought in to be a super sub, wound up a super dud.

C. GrrBrrrr- Vince Carter, also a nominee for Quincy Pondexter Award for Stepping All Over BK's Lines When He Should've Been Rehabbing. #2 with a bullet and winner of the Guy Who Will Probably Be Good for the Spurs at Some Point After We Cut Ties Award: Jon Leuer

Blues City Joe- This is still to be decided, because if VC kills it in the postseason, I really don't care a lot about his regular season struggles. Same for Courtney Lee. As of now though: Tie, Geriatric Vince Carter and Second Half Courtney Lee.

Austin Reynolds- The idea that multiple people are saying Lee is more disappointing than a guy shooting 33% reeks of recency bias and pure insanity

JLGriz(z)- I did. "Most disappointing" measures expectations against reality. Has Lee been playing at a higher level? Sure, absolutely. No question. But signing Vince was a huge risk (the guy was 37, regardless of his 13-14 stats) the Grizzlies felt they needed to take. The Grizzlies didn't necessarily need Vince, but they did need Lee. I hoped Lee would further establish himself as the shooter that the Grizzlies so desperately needed. He did. In a big way. And his season stats look fine. But his play in the back half of the season has been absolutely dreadful, hugely disappointing.

Grace Baker- I really thought that Jon Leuer could be a key rotation player this year, but he's slipped out of the rotation all together. When Joerger gave him minutes at the beginning of the season, he just wasn't productive enough.

The Player Least Likely to Bluff

  • Zach Randolph- 118%

What we said

Matthew Bishop- We didn’t actually vote, just felt like ZBo should win something. Plus…

The James Johnson Award for Who Should've Totally Played More

  • Jordan Adams- 32%
  • Nick Calathes- 21%
  • James Johnson- 7%
  • Kosta Koufus- 29%
  • Jarnell Stokes- 11%
What we said

Chip Williams- If you need an explanation I wrote like 2,500 words on why Jordan Adams should be playing.

C. GrrBrrrr- Kosta Koufos. How is a guy that's going to get paid more than Z-Bo next season not cracking 20 minutes in a frontcourt rotation with no 4th option and two guys in their 30s?

Marco Delgado- Nick Calathes. I know how good Beno has been playing, but Calathes is a really good playmaker and defender.

Eric Lenser- Kosta Koufos. This is another coaching decision headscratcher. Many other teams would have 2K in a starting role with the talent he has and way he's played...when given the opportunity. For the amount of money the organization invested in signing this big man, we definitely haven't seen him enough.

Kevin Yeung- James Johnson in Toronto, maybe. No major problem with the Grizz rotation these days.

And Finally…

The 2014-2015 Grizz Most Valuable Player

  • Mike Conley- 13%
  • Marc Gasol- 74%
  • Zach Randolph- 13%

What we said

Joe Mullinax- It comes down to definition- Conley is the most important, Gasol is the best.

Blues City Joe- Marc Gasol is the MVP, although each of the core four has had their turn carrying the team

KGriz(z)- Marc Gasol has the highest WS/48, BPM, VORP, and PER among starters.

Raleigh McCool-  Mike Conley--no wait. Marc Gasol. MARC GASOL. (I just did the ol' mental exercise of "Who would the Grizzlies be more screwed without?" And, well, we've seen that they're "decently screwed" without Conley, but without Gasol, even with Koufos getting more minutes, the Grizz would be "mightily screwed.)

Chip Williams- Zach Randolph - The Grizz were were sub .500 when he didn't play, and he's been consistently awesome all year.

Grace Baker- Zach Randolph. The Grizzlies have an awful record when he doesn't play, and he's been consistent all year. Plus, Zach is coming off of a contract year and is still playing his tail off.