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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Indiana

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pacers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Indiana forums

Pre-game views

Pacers are playing for their life. By halftime, they'll know if the Nets have won or lost their game against the Magic. So expect a balls-to-the-wall, playoffs-or-die attitude in the first half, and then either the same thing or a completely different thing in the second half.

Grizzlies' playoff seeding could land anywhere, and it's generally better to be higher, and these guys aren't going to give in easy. Conley and Allen are both out but this team will fight and give it their all.

In-game views

West better not throw any of those cheap elbows on ZBo

Zbo is only 33 but he just seems so much older to me. 13 yrs in the league. Practically Forever.

Gasol's pretty crafty

bench mob getting worked

Oh yeah. Carter is still a thing.

So with the Spurs losing, the 5 spot is open to Memphis again, right? They'll now try harder to win?

Gasol pretty damn good.

Gasol is in the zone

That was some bs by Gasol

Toss him!!!

West got beat off the dribble by Randolph and Gasol. Retire. Please.

ZBo basically runs into ppl, how is that not traveling?

You'd think Memphis was the team playing for their playoff life

I don't know who Jordan Adams is, but OK

Post-game views

Nick Calathes look like that 52 year old at the local Y. Somebody tell that kid to shave the beard, or something.

We left everything on the floor tonight. We simply couldn't get over the top against a very good Grizzlies team after a back-to-back that went to 2OT.

long before Paul was carried off, it was obvious that his tank was empty.

It really sucks that the season had to end this way. The guys were clearly gassed and had nothing left in the tank

Atlanta/Memphis would be my ideal Finals, but don’t imagine health really favors either.

Memphis / Portland? I’m going to go with…Memphis

As people have said before, losing to Memphis on the second night of a back to back is not the reason the Pacers are not in the playoffs. The Grizzlies were the better team. What knocked the Pacers out were bad front court play, injuries, losing tiebreakers, and the inability early on in the season to win close games