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Quick Recap: Memphis Pounds Portland In Series Opener 100-86

In the first round opener, the Memphis Grizzlies overwhelmed the Portland Trail Blazers, and Beno Udrih put on a show in the FedEx Forum as Memphis grabbed the first victory of the series.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs finally arrived in Memphis, and the fans were ready as the Forum was packed. At the start of the game, the Grizz pulled out to a 10-2 lead. However, the Blazers would come surging back to pull within 2. But unfortunately for Portland, they wouldn't keep it close for most of the game. The Grizzlies responded with a 10 point lead to end the first quarter, and the Blazers never gained the lead.

Beno Udrih was the star of the show tonight. He had 20 points on 9-14 shooting. He was all over the floor tonight, as he also had 7 assists and 7 rebounds.

In addition to Beno's spectacular performance, Marc Gasol had 15 points, while Zach Randolph had 16. Each had 11 rebounds. Big Spain was fired up tonight, and his performance was similar to Wednesday's against the Pacers. He was extremely aggressive and engaged in the game, which was a great sign to see. Z-Bo was likewise engaged and played well against LaMarcus Aldridge on offense.

Mike Conley's foot appeared to be feeling better, as he ended up with 16 points himself. Plus, he only had to play 24 minutes in the game.

Tony Allen also appeared like his old self. He received a thunderous applause from the crowd as he came off the bench in the first quarter. He even had an emphatic dunk in the game:

Memphis shot 44.7% from the field, while the Trail Blazers only shot 33.7%. Portland attempted 26 threes and made 8, while the Grizzlies shot 3-9 from three as a team. LaMarcus Aldridge had an impressive 32 and 14, but it wasn't enough for Portland. Damian Lillard had a rough night with 14 points on only 5-21 shooting. Portland's bench only combined for 21 points, while the Grizzlies' bench had 33.

Memphis played great team basketball tonight, and the shots were falling for them. More than likely, Portland won't shoot that poorly from the field the next game, but the Grizzlies did a good job of not falling into the jump shot shooting mentality and stuck to their roots throughout the game as Gasol and Randolph had very productive nights. Kosta Kuofos even had 3 blocks himself.

The Grizzlies controlled the majority of this game, although Portland cut the deficit down some to close out the game. It didn't matter, however, as the Grizz grabbed the dominant victory at home and lead the series 1-0.