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Report Card: Grizzlies vs. Blazers (Game 1)

The full report card for the Grizzlies Game 1 victory over the Trail Blazers.

Memphis Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 100 - Blazers 86

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: A

A fantastic opening game from Joerger. Sent his team out to stop the Blazers from getting points in the paint, the plan worked brilliantly to start the game as Portland would miss their first 6 field goal attempts, which were all jump shots as the Grizzlies refused to let them get into the painted area. It was also clear that Coach had identified Portland's threat from behind the arc and made sure his team contested just about every three point effort they took in the game. Portland finished the game just 8-26 from the three point line.

Joerger also did a fantastic job managing the minutes of his starters as only Randolph and Gasol played more than 30 minutes, and on their return from injuries Mike Conley and Tony Allen would play just 23 and 25 minutes respectively.


Mike Conley: 23 MINS | 16 PTS | 6-11 FG | 1 AST | 1 REB | +12

Grade: A

Mike has said himself that his injured foot feels like he's walking on a golf ball, he has that much protection inside his shoe that he was playing the game with a size 12 on his right foot and a size 11 on his left foot. It's a miracle that he's even attempting to play in this series, let alone play as well as he did last night. Mike played just 23 minutes but managed to score 16 points and play some great defense on Lillard, which helped to hold him to just 14 points on 5-21 from the field. Conley showed no sign of any injury problems as he attacked the rim time and again and finished with some nice moves inside the paint, putting his body on the line, drawing contact from the Blazers big men and finishing the game with three +1 chances, two of which were converted. It was nice to see him only have to play 23 minutes. Great effort Mike!

Courtney Lee: 29 MINS | 9 PTS | 2-2 3PT | 2 ASTS | 3 REBS | + 20

Grade: B

Did exactly what will be required of him throughout this series. Played good defense as he shadowed McCollum and refused to give him open looks as he finished the game just 1-8 from the field. He knocked down both of his efforts from behind the three point line, and did a great job spreading the floor which gave his big men more room to do their damage inside the paint.

Jeff Green: 28 MINS | 11 PTS | 3-11 FG | 1 AST | 6 REBS | 2 BLKS | +8

Grade: B-

Jeff showed great energy and effort during the game, never giving up despite his struggles shooting. During the first quarter Gasol threw a stray pass into the paint which was to far away from Randolph. Jeff somehow managed to get across and slap the ball out towards Courtney Lee in the corner who knocked down the three. Portland called a timeout when struggling in the second quarter. Out of the timeout they ran a play to get Batum a look from mid-range, Green got up in his face and managed to block his shot. These kind of plays will be absolutely vital in closer games.

Zach Randolph: 35 MINS | 16 PTS | 6-19 FG | 11 REBS | +10

Grade: A

After opening the scoring with some great footwork and a nice finish in the paint ZBo would miss his remaining 6 shots in the first half. His finishing in the half wouldn't matter though as his defense on LaMarcus Aldridge was immense. Aldridge went in at the half just 7-18 from the field and finished the game 13-34. Zach refused to give him an inch of room to work on offense and banged him up every time he tried to get the better of him when he tried to take him to the rim. Aldridge was visibly frustrated and picked up a technical foul after slamming the ball down following another battle with Randolph. In the second half Randolph came out and started hitting his shots whilst still continuing to shut down Aldridge on the defensive end. Despite his struggles finishing in the first half he refused to give up on missed shots and finished the game with 4 offensive rebounds.

Marc Gasol: 39 MINS | 15 PTS | 7-16 FG | 7 ASTS | 11 REBS | 3 BLKS | +15

Grade: A+

Amazing performance from Gasol as he finished the game with a near triple double. Marc also did a fine job on defense, shutting down Lopez and Kaman before the Blazers sent out Leonard to try his luck with Marc. It worked to some degree as Leonard's ability to stretch the floor saw him knock down 2 three's over Gasol, but it was too little too late as the game was almost over by that time. Showed great footwork inside the paint as he got the better of Portland's big men, also knocked down a couple of nice mid-range shots. Great job finding his team mates for open looks and played the role of rim protector very well, finishing the game with 3 blocks.


Beno Udrih: 24 MINS | 20 PTS | 9-14 FG | 7 ASTS | 7 REBS | +2

Grade: A+

When Beno came into the game in the first quarter Memphis led by 3 points, when he returned to the bench in the second quarter the lead had ballooned to 18. He had hit his first 6 shots, showing fantastic range, with his points coming from inside the paint, right out to the three point line. In the second half he continued to attack the paint and finished the game with 20 points, which is a career high for points in a playoff game for Udrih. Along with Gasol, Beno also had a near triple double, with a stat line of 20-7-7. It was great to see him put on a performance of such stature, which meant Mike Conley wouldn't have to play too many minutes as he recovers from injury.

Tony Allen: 25 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-3 FG | 2 ASTS | 3 REBS | 3 STLS | 1 BLK | +8

Grade: A

After missing 9 straight games with a hamstring injury, Tony checked into the game to rapturous applause with 5 minutes remaining in the first quarter. Shortly after entering the game,Tony grabs a defensive rebound, which is greeted by huge cheers from the crowd. Allen had a nice game, stuffing his stat sheet in all categories, and finished his game off with a brilliant one handed dunk from Udrih's assist. The Grindfather is back, and it was glorious.

Kosta Koufos: 12 MINS | 5 PTS | 2-3 FG | 3 REBS | 3 BLKS | -2

Grade: B

K2 didn't play too many minutes, but he was very productive in the minutes he did play. He hit his first field goal attempt, hitting a very flat mid-range jumper and would finish the game with 5 points. Had 3 blocks in the game, frustrating both Aldridge and McCollum as they tried to get to the rim in the fourth quarter.

Vince Carter: 14 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-5 FG | 1 AST | 2 REBS | +2

Grade: D

Vince did one good thing in the game, passing on a three point attempt and giving it to Udrih, who knocked down the three. Apart from that he jacked up a few shots and even missed a wide open dunk.

Nick Calathes: 3 MINS | 2 PTS | 3 TO | -4

Grade: Ineligible

Memphis finished the game with just 8 turnovers. Calathes had 3 of them in just 3 minutes of action.

Jon Leuer: 1 MIN | 1 REB | +/-0

Grade: Ineligible

Jordan Adams: 1 MIN | 1 STL | +/-0

Grade: Ineligible

JaMychal Green: 1 MIN | +/-0

Grade: Ineligible