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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland (Game 1)

Pre-, in- and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

I'm feeling good about this one

We got a great chance to surprise Memphis today

Conley is a game time decision, so even if he plays he won't be 100%. Allen is playing but it was uncertain until last night, so i can't imagine him being 100% with a hamstring. Usually i would feel guilty playing a huge game against a banged up team, but since we are devastated with injuries, i am more than okay with this

Grizz in 6 -- and i really hope i am wrong.

Of all the potential matchups, it is Beno U who worries me the most.

Conley's health is key to series. Grizzlies win if Conley isn't effected by his injured foot.

In-game views

This is going to be ugly

Dame couldn't hit the ocean if he was in a boat in the pacific

Nice Job and thank god Memphis is not a high scoring team ala Warriors or Blazers would be be really hurting

Dame stinking up the place

Our body language is horrible. We are not mentally prepared

Beno Udrih killing Portland again.

well, this is embarrassing.

It never ceases to amaze me how we can't hit anything against this team and Marc Gasol alaways seems to hit the most ridiculously contested jumpers.

Memphis is getting away with murder

If we could get this back to the point where we only lose by single digits, I might actually become a little optimistic about the series.

Post-game views

Udrih has gone from nobody to decent role player like five times in his career.

Memphis has owned us. It's that simple!

I was so excited about this team earlier in the year (when they weren't stinking it up and had Wes). Now I'm just sad

Some of the worst games I've seen have been against the Grizzlies

I am numb to playoff embarrassment.

I really miss Will Barton when I have to watch games like this. he'd score 15+ points in garbage minutes. the team would still lose by 20+, but at least he'd show hustle and effort.

well, some posters here wanted Memphis as the first round opponent...careful what you wish for I guess

What happened to Conley's bad foot? I didn't see any sign of it.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the coaching. Stotts defense will not work against teams in the playoffs. Giving up open mid range jumpers over and over again is terrible, and the spurs embarrassed us last year doing that. Now the grizzlies are going to do that for the next 4 games and make us look stupid.

Portland has to make some serious adjustments on both ends of the floor. The shots the Blazers were forced to take were very tough until the Grizzlies took their feet off the pedal, while Memphis was getting easy layups and clean midrange looks.

Tough watching a hobbled Conley getting a foul call every time he drove. 2 of those were questionable, if not all 3.

The reffing was really in favor of Memphis but thats something I see staying that way unless we start being more physical then them from the get go.

Wish we would have signed Udrih. I know that will seem reactionary but no, I actually said this at the time as well.

Another problem is if Vince Carter gets hot there's no one on Portland's bench that's going to be able to slow him down.

Memphis has some bad boys. Tbh our group is kinda p***y. Besides Wes, who is our "tough guy"? Afflalo? LA? Meh. We need some dogs.

Mad props to memphis. They came in and took care of business. At least they weren't some Whiney ass team like Clips or Rockets

Half the playoff teams are 0-1 now..we're not alone!