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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland (Game Two)

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

Get this one, and bring the homecourt advantage back to a city that actually cares about its team.

I've convinced myself that we're going to win this one

surely they cant beat us 6 times in a row this season.

We have no chance to win this. None. Nada. But I hope we give it our best and just have fun out there.

For the love of God Damian Lillard show up. For God sakes mike conley has plantar fasciitis you should be destroying him!


In-game views

Wow. We're killing it

We don't lose to Spanish players!!!!!

funny, a "ref you suck" chant 6 minutes into the game. On a call that wasn't worth bitching about.

Funny thing is we're playing PERFECT yet we're barley up

Minimal changes to the offense by Terry - still looks terrible, we're just hitting at a normal clip. As the game goes on MEM will tighten up on D and without any major adjustments we'll lose this one too.

udrih goin f*****g crazy again - can anyone guard him?

Hate to call it at half but there is no way we win this with how we are playing now

Memphis really isn't *that* good, but it feels like they know they can beat us 10 out of 10 times and their confidence is through the roof. We need a minor miracle here in the second half.

Conley eating Dame's lunch. This is just pathetic

I'm not even emotional anymore. I'm just...dead.

Wow Lillard has not made 1 three pointer this whole series and game 2 is almost over. I'm burning my jersey

My god we got it to single digits, that feels like a victory in itself.

Blazers have no team game going right now. Just individuals putting up low percentage shots.

that was hard to watch

Post-game views

Do you think Memphis would trade Conley to us for Lillard? I don't think they would.

Memphis is way out of our league on the defensive end. I wish we could play some team defense like that.

Zbo is arguably better than LMA.. I'm sorry we should have never gave up on him

Even when we played them during the regular season they worked us over. They're just the better team.

At least we aren't getting smoked by the Rockets or Clippers I guess.

Gasol and Randolph have really done nothing, by their standards, this series and Udrih played sparingly in the second half ... yet we were still handled quite easily. This is very depressing and heartbreaking. Memphis is just playing with so much confidence that players like Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, and Vince Carter are hitting all their shots.

Call it sour grapes, sore loser, whatever, but if Golden State plays Memphis, they're taking them out in 5. I just don't think Memphis is playing that great, which again makes it tough to swallow that we're down 2-0 so handily.

It seems like we often get knocked out by the future NBA champion. The Grizzlies have surely looked like the best team in the NBA these playoffs. If we can find a way past them then I think the sky is the limit, and I mean that with 100% sincerity. The winner of this series will represent the west in the Finals.