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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland (Game Three)

Pre,- in- and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

How Dame comes out will be critical tonight. If he comes out trying to be Steph Curry we've got a good chance at a win but passive Dame will just cause the Grizzlies to concentrate on LA. He needs to play like the 2 time all-star for us to win.

The Blazers will absolutely win tonight. Book it.

Must win this game! Hope the home crowd brings the roof down on those suckers tonight! It's time for the shots to start falling!

There is no way that Portland is losing to Memphis in Rip City in the playoffs. The very idea is insulting.

We need an old fashion beat down to turn the tide. I don't want us to barely win. I want us to completely smash them

In-game views

Ugh. Memphis-style ball so far. Portland just can't hit shots.

I can't believe they gave us Scott foster for a critical game. Actually I suppose I can

Portland is allowing Memphis to get just about whatever they want offensively.

Portland knocked around on offense= no foul

Memphis being touched on offense=foul

This is the most depressing playoff game ever.  Blazers look on the precipice of serious rebuilding. We haven't made the deep playoff push to keep Aldridge. The crowd knows we've lost. Aldridge is mailing it in. I'm on the verge of tears. This is awful.

Oh no! We suck again!

You just don't get easy looks against the Memphis defense.

Stott's seat is getting hotter by the minute.

jeesh, another short white PG is kicking the Blazers ass.

Someone step on conleys foot.

62 points for the grizz every half ain't gonna get it done.

It is a bit deflating that we had our best quarter of the series yet still get outscored.

It's games like this that I wish the 1st round was best of 5.

I just hope Conley is okay. I don't like seeing any injuries, and concussions are no joke.

The grizzly passes are just f*****g perfect, over and over again.

Carter has been getting away with murder this whole series.

Why we foulin' so early? One stop and then try.....Oh wait, Blazer defense. Forgot.

Good luck to Memphis in the second round. That should be an interesting series.

Post-game views

Memphis seems to be better at holding a big lead against Portland then Portland is at coming back from a big hole against Memphis...and by big hole I mean 10 points or more since a 10 point hole against the Griz seems real deep.

Courtney Lee shoots like prime Steve Nash against Portland.

I have mad respect for memphis's coach after seeing his game plan for this series. He's literally figured out every adjustment

One of the worse ref'd games I've attended...

Zbo is absolutely irritating. He must think he's kobe in his fantasyland with how often he whines

I'm done with watching Dame continually getting destroyed on D. That dude needs to put some serious work on that side of the game in the off-season, because he really is that bad. I mean cmon, when NICK CALATHES is taking advantage of your d, you know you have to improve it.

Gasol has such a deadly jumper

It almost hurts more having cut it to 3.

Well on the bright side when we lose this series zbo and his crying will be out of Portland

And that's the season

Its clear we dont have an answer for Memphis. Looking like a sweep.

another choke job completed by lamarcus

The season was doomed when Wes went down but I've had enough of losing to the Grizzlies for the past 3-4 seasons.

Memphis is playing like the team that was the #2 seed for most of the season.

Memphis is not as good as we're making them look. They're going to get a nasty shock going up against Golden State.

*sigh* I just dont see a way we win 4 straight against the Grizz.

Have we had a lead this entire series outside of the 1st quarter? There's a reason a lot of us didn't want to play Memphis. The way were playing though any team in the playoffs would have kicked our ass.

Can we just not bother to play the last game, please?

Since 2009, we've fallen to the eventual champion. I think Memphis can do it.

Props to David Joerger, shades of Greg Popovich the way his club is playing.

I was scared when Nick Calethes had the ball. Beno Udrih looks like Pistol Pete Maravich. Conley looks like Chris Paul. Goddammitt.

Hats off to Memphis. They have completely forced us to play their game. We were just outmatched

As shitty as these game threads get, they are no where near as horrible as the classless fan who was cheering when Mike Conely went to the ground, and continued cheering when they realized it was a serious injury. I am absolutely ashamed to see that kind of classless action from a Blazers fan.