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Recapping the Enemy: Blazers (Game Four)

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

I am surprised Rolo is not getting murdered by Gasol every game. Gasol was killing us in the Regular season, with and without Lopez. Not so much in the playoffs.

If we're gonna lose, lets at least lose in style

I hope the Blazers can win this one, even though that would be delaying the inevitable. Getting swept would be a real bitter pill

In-game views

it's like a feedback loop. 8 point hole early...will it go to double digits?

The Blazers look about as intense in this do-or-die game as I did in my high school math classes...

Aldridges body language to start the game has not been good. Almost looks checked out

Best quarter of the series

27 points! and it's not even half time!

so this is what a lead feels like...

Keep feeding Meyers

Refs are calling this game much different than the previous 3.

Amazing what happens when the Blazers don't ISO on every play.

Zach Randolph is annoyingly good in second halves in this series

well now...didn't take long for all the good vibrations to turn sour

Memphis looks like they know every one of our plays better than us

That quarter was ugly

Well, I guess it's Lillard time!


Post-game views

A healthy Blazers team might very well be a title contender

In the next 50 games against Memphis portland will more than likely go 7-43 and the sad thing is that's entirely realistic

Meh, seems like the gimme win we were due. I highly doubt we win the next one or make the series that interesting.


just not getting swept feels amazing at this point

I know no team has d ever come back from a 3-0 deficit, but it would be awesome if the law of averages kicked in and we won the series

Meyers was the X factor tonight and I'll be disappointed if he doesn't start game 5. Lopez has been awful against Gasol and Meyers's shooting ability is really helping our offense. He was everywhere tonight too, crashing the boards and playing solid defense. We're going to need great performances all around if we want to bring this thing back to Portland.

I honestly think if we can WIN game 5 then there is legitimate hope to WIN the series. I know that sounds ridiculous because clearly if we lose there is 0 hope to WINthe series. But if they can carry this confidence into memphis, get the win, and come back home in front of the rabid fans packing the RG, then the sky is the limit.

Getting to game 6 is key. If we win Game 5, it's going 7, no question. I "Believe" Memphis might make history again and be the FIRST team to ever blow a 3-0 lead and lose the series.

Stotts was right; they couldn't beat up 8 times in a row.

You know, Gasol gets a ton of love but after seeing him play in a series he is kind of an awkward player. Lots of airballs and fades. I thought he was an elite low post guy with the ability to shoot. Leonard shut him down.

Game 5 probably will be the end. Sad. With Wes, this team might have made noise. But something in Lillard snapped around the ASB, and he hasn't been the same player since.