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Memphis Grizzlies Top 5 Stories of the Week

Here are the five biggest stories from the Memphis Grizzlies' past week of action.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol has looked worn down in recent weeks and has started turning into a bit of a Moody Mertle as he works through his fatigue and frustrations.

Against the Kings, Marc Gasol decides that a missed jumper is his opportunity to showcase his raw power and he shreds his jersey in half a la Darko Milicic.

You're never as well rounded as you are when you can laugh at yourself. Here's what Grizz Nation has been saying in the past week of struggles in the first edition of Recapping Ourselves: The View From Memphis.

Dave Joerger is going to give it to you as straight as he possibly can without giving up competitive advantages. Check out what he divulged on The Chris Vernon Show and what our reactions to it were.

One of several interesting points brought up by Joerger was broken down my Kevin Lipe of The Memphis Flyer: Dave believes that a starting lineup including Jeff Green and Courtney Lee would give the Grizzlies their highest ceiling.