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Recapping the Enemy: Blazers (Game Five)

Pre-, in- and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

Let's go Blazers! It's a long shot but if they pull this one out it becomes less of one. It's really been a tough couple of months, I hope the Blazers show some heart tonight. And I hope Aldridge makes some shots.

I wonder what would happen if both Aldridge and Lillard showed up and shot well in the same game...? is that too much to hope for?

Let's walk out of the Grindhouse with a W!

I just hope we can take the crowd out early, sustain runs and make timely stops down the stretch.

They will probably need their most complete game of the series to make it out of mem with the W. They certainly have it in them, the question is will they carry the confidence and hunger from game 4 over to game 5.

I'd like the TNT assholes to stop saying Portland is "lucky" that Conley is out.

Memphis is LUCKY that Wesley Matthews, Dorell Wright, Arron Afflalo and Chris Kaman are injured.

Wes alone is more important to the Blazers than Conley is to Memphis.

F**k Charles Barkley and the Shaq he rode in on.

In-game views

Not a good start at all

Stotts NEEDS to put Meyers in. He has been the only person who can put the ball in the bucket all series long.

Dear god mike Conley looks like death

Mike Conley does look like he got mugged.

Wow, let's set a record for longest duration without a score in the first.

Ok so we've proven case and point, that in this series, Meyers and CJ is 1000x better than Lopez and Afflalo.

A tie is awesome after that start

great comeback, and the way Lillard and CJ are getting their shots certainly points out that Memphis misses Conley as much as Portland misses Matthews

I think it's funny the way Memphis fans are when it's another team bumping back, it's bad officiating

38 year old Vince carter from the top of the key... Embarrassing d

my god, Aldridge looks checked out in this series. I know Memphis PLAYS good defense, but yikes....he's now 34-102 in the series...33%

Z bo is getting more respect than Aldridge from the refs. Frigging ridiculous how much love officials give that overrated sob

Wow, that should completely be a Flagrant on Zbo. Excessive...

Memphis fans have every reason to be upset at these calls

No matter what, I think this team fought hard down with being banged up and down important people. Memphis is a tough matchup and they aren't quitting. It was just a bad matchup those first few GAMES

Classy Memphis crowd, though. Throwing stuff at players.

Post-game views

will probably sober rant tomorrow. no shame in losing to a better team when Portland put up a fight. respect.

Wow, what a ridiculous GAME I couldn't believe how much trouble the Blazers had securing rebounds, the Blazers were lucky to only lose by such a small margin when the opposing teams gets nearly 20 more rebounds.

I really think Memphis gets eliminate in the NEXT round 100% their team looks pretty weak overall. They let a bench player like CJ score 33 points on quality shooting % in this GAME. I can only imagine what a fully healthy stacked west team will do to them.

If we're being completely honest, the team should still be in Vancouver, amazing city. I can't believe the NBA allowed nice Northwest cities to have their teams stolen away to awful redneck markets.

What's with all of the Blazer people on Twitter telling Memphis to beat GS? I want GS to wreck them.

Courtney Lee is gonna shoot like 27% against the Warriors, just watch.

The yokels can go to hell. Uneducated fanbase. They're right up there with the Thunder fans.

The Terrible Towels are terribly unoriginal.

Lets go Warriors!!