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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Oklahoma

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Thunder fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Oklahoma forums

Pre-game views

Don't think this game will be pretty.

OKC is just not in condition to beat the Grizz in the grind house right now.

Tough Game. Tony Allen is out, but Randolph is gonna probably go nuts as usual.

In-game views

Keep doubting the Thunder. That just makes them play harder.

Westbrook playing like CRAP but we aren't allowed to criticize him apparently.

Jeff Green is ripping us a new one. No Durant or Roberson, so it's not a surprise. Last time we played the Grizzlies we mostly shut him down.

Currently wondering why my surround sound is a little off...? Oh yeah, the game is in Memphis so there's no crowd noise.

This game, once again, is also just showing how terrible we are right now on defense.

Of course Randolph seemingly always makes that shot against us. 15-18 feet out, defender 3-5 inches taller than him right on top of him, steps back, and drains it.

Surprisingly close with Russ getting shutdown on offense, but we don't do well on the road vs playoff teams. Just feels like we have seen this movie before.

Same story, we'll hang around for a while, they'll adjust, we won't, they win.

No point in bringing back Russ. We're not winning this game. If we don't win the next game, we'll go 0-4 in this difficult stretch and we can just relax the rest of the season knowing we won't have to suffer through four blowouts against the Warriors.

Z-Bo hits a three. Time to throw in the towel.

Same old story, close game, good team, we lose.

Post-game views

I wouldn't worry about it honestly.. If we don't make the playoffs it's not the end of the world. Many of us have been saying for quite awhile that even if we make the playoffs it would be a very bad blowout series and i'm telling you.. It wouldn't be fun to watch

Gasol is what a max player looks like on both ends of the floor.. Kanter is really close if he can ever develop some consistent defense he'll be amazing.

I hate to see my team loose....but the LOTTERY sounds real good right now. What do you think we can get for Waiters? Hoping Singler will get better cause no one is giving us anything for him...

Meh, didn't expect a WIN tonight. Maybe we really will go 0-4 in this stretch and I can just completely give up hope of us making the playoffs.

Russ is tired..weve asked too much of him this year

If we'd of had KD tonight we probably would have won this game as close as we were.

three words Thibs! Thibs! Thibs!

We don't need to vent every time we lose to a contender. We're super injured and still keeping it close in almost every loss. Props to our guys tonight, we're basically playing with eight guys right now.

Game actually wasn't that bad. Outside of a dogshit second half by Russ and a terrible performance by a mo, it wasn't too bad. Thunder aren't going to win any road games against mediocre or better teams with 3 starters out