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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Washington

Pre-, in- and post-game views from Wizards fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Washington forums

Pre-game views

Just watched Grizz let the air out of Westbrook's bubble last night... impressive

A good test for the Wiz. A nice win if they can get it.

Lets see if we can carry our good play against the leagues scrubs to playing against a contender. If we move the ball we will be in this one.

In-game views

Wall is on God mode.

Grizzlies look TIRED, last night's W over OKC looks like it took a lot out of them

Here come the Wizards reserves. Expect the lead to disappear in the next 3 minutes of play.

They can't hit the side of a barn so far.

God, the Wizards suck on offense without Wall.

That was a nasty dunk, but it was both a travel and an offensive foul.

Seraphin....damn he's about to be on SC top 10. Wow. Might be the best facial of the year.

Very impressive what Wall is doing right now, this is one of the best defenses in the NBA he's up against.

Conley has been bricking corner 3's all night. I hope that continues.

Nice shot there by Vince. Good idea there, guy. Clank.

If I were Memphis, I'd be yelling to Vince: STOP SHOOTING

Post-game views

Even though memphis isn't playing their best ball either, they still got a solid win tonight, better yet they got it utilizing smart floor spacing. Hopefully this continues.

Zbo only had 5 shots, shocked the Grizzlies didn't use him more but he is injured and was questionable tonight.

Grizzlies shot 1/15 on 3 pointers. Wow. And many of those were quality shots

I am shocked the Wizards beat an NBA title contender on the road... both teams were on the 2nd night of a back to back...

Actually, the more this sinks in...They just beat MEM for the first time in MEM since like 2004 or something...That wasn't a good win.. That was a great win. Probably the best of the year.

Great win, and unexpected.

Carter is having a worse season than Rasual Butler.

They didn't have Tony Allen tonight. Still a fantastic win though