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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New Orleans

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pelicans fans

The following are actual comments gathered from New Orleans forums

Pre-game views

If we can WIN this game then we are a near lock for the playoffs.

Pelicans WIN 102-94.

Qpon vs Green ...this gonna be a fun matchup

Big game , let's ball out! No injuries please!

In-game views

asik wtf man.. called free throws for a reason

Qpon. Haunting Memphis for TRADING him away.

I remember why I hate playing in Memphis. FT disparity is going to norm for this game.

z-bo and gasol raping us

we aren't playing any defense. could be a long night

Their bigs killed us that quarter.

idk if our offense or defense is worse

playing these back to back games against good teams are going to do us in.

Look like this was just a scrimmage for Memphis

Wow. I'm done watching. This team is pathetic tonight. No effort on defense.

Post-game views

I thought we matched up well against grizzlies?


This is what I feel is what going to happen for 4 straight games if we make the playoff. Look like children playing against men. And you know what... I WILL LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT BECAUSE... We made the playoffs.

Memphis is just like the Spurs and Seahawks. . .they foul every play thinking they can't call them all.

So much for our winning record against Memphis recently.

Look in the dictionary under " Let Down " and you'll find a copy of this game ....MAN

the last game that we played memphis was on their back to back and we did the same beat down on them like they are doing to us happens........we just have to get ready for our next game.

Udrih is another one of those guys that we always let go nuts on us.

Game was so bad I let my wife put on American Idol

Remember when we used to discuss trading Ryno for Jeff Green straight up? A lot of people here were opposed to it at the time, myself included. It's amazing how quickly things can change.

Terrible night to run out of weed

I think most people would have accepted a split for these two games. Just sucks to get prison raped.

Emotional win versus the best team in the league last night. Team just didn't have it tonight. Not to mention Memphis still has a ton to play for, so have to give them credit as well.