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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game Three)

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

curry and thompson will shoot lights out, another one of those 3-quarter game, I can only hope they save some baskets for game 4.

We got punched in the mouth last game. I expect a strong 1st quarter, Memphis come back in the 2nd a bit but then in the 3rd we put the afterburners on and it's all over.

The ball is going to fly around with quick accurate passes. Everybody will be moving without the ball. Screens and picks will appear out of nowhere like magic fine art. The players will play together with a mind boggling synchronicity as if they could read each other's minds. Everybody Will hit their shots.

People will realize that the Grizzlies did not disrupt the Warriors offense in game 2. The Warriors disrupted their own offense in game 2. In game 3 we will see the Warriors clicking on offens for the 2nd and 3rd quarters while playing good defense and that will be too much for the Grizzlies to withstand.

The Warriors will have a 20 point lead in the 3rd quarter.

I re-watched the game and anyone hyping Memphis' defense is taking the easy narrative out. That was POOR OFFENSE much more than SOLID DEFENSE. We had our chances.

In-game views

missing a crap ton of quality shots, difference between a tie game or a 10 point lead

Curry can't make a three

Refs letting them get away with Seahawks-level holding and grabbing...ridiculous

No flow or rhythm that quarter. Still only looking at a 3 pt deficit, could have been a lot worse.

steph probably got more open looks this quarter than he did all of game 2.. And he proceeds to brick every shot. Harden level choking.

Grizzlies disagree with me.

Grizzles are in Curry's head. He needs the half to get his **** together.

Will curry stop emberassing himself? Yikes might want to give that mvp trophy back.

They're just shredding us inside the arc with their halfcourt sets. We need to do something soon or this game will be gone by the half. Memphis isn't a team that will lose a 20 point lead.

smash brothers >>>>> splash brothers. These guys do whatever the hell they want in the paint.

Are we sure that's Steph Curry, and not Seth?

I don't wish pain on anyone, but have someone throw an elbow in Conley's face it's time to stop acting like snatches

This style of play works against any team but the Grizzles. Grizz backcourt is just too persistent and disciplined on defense.

If we lose this way today we lose the series

YES! Nice come back

Doubling their bigs, I like it

Klay should know better than to pick up a touch foul for his 4th. So much for making that run...

Airball by Curry. He's making himself ridiculous.

Joerger has spanked Kerr, and the Grizzlies have broken us so far. Curry needs to show why he's MVP, this is the time.

If Curry and Green were more composed, and Klay decided to actually not shoot like CRAP, we'd be in this game right now.

Finally this bull 'hard nosed' play is being card for what it really is - illegal defense.

Things like an inexplicable lane violation and leaving guys for Tony Allen might be what prevents this comeback.

Lol at this crowd singing woop there it is. Someone get the DJ the new 'now this is what I call music' mix asap.

Post-game views

LOL @ Warriors fans thinking Memphis would be a pushover. Warriors weakness is a strong frontcourt, and every team we will face to the Finals has that.

They're done. Men against boys. Warriors have won their last game this year, unless of course they win a soft, pretty, meaningless game 5 for the fans that actually thought we were the best team in the league this year.

I didn't think we could play worse than game 2. We did!

Warriors are going to expose the Grizzles offense in game 4, mark my words. It took Kerr too long to realize that they could successfully play small ball and throw doubles at the Memphis bigs. They literally don't have to defend Tony Allen when he's catching the ball outside of the paint.

Well.... I think this counts as a choke job. We had ample opportunity and blew it.

I told you guys, Conley makes this a 6 or 7 game series.

The Grizzlies' conditioning doesn't look brilliant. That twice now we've made some decent runs on them in the last quarter. I'd really like to see us push the pace more and make their bigs sprint the floor.

The Spurs killed Memphis last year with their ball movement and hitting their open shots. We've got the team to do the same but just need to execute.

we need to go to small ball earlier ... quit trying to match up to memphis. Make memphis match up to us

The thing is, it may be time to panic. Teams don't ever come back being down 3-1, which is why we can't lose game 4 in Memphis.

cmon tho that coulda been a win without Randolph and Gasol hitting prayers. Some of the luckiest makes I've seen in a decade.

Curry, Klay, Barnes combined for 59 pts...Conley, Allen, Lee combined for 30 pts. The W's won the starting pg, sg, sf matchups big time. Having Klay guard Conley really seemed to slow him down. If they can get any contribution at pf and center this series could really turn in their favor....just trying to look at the positive side of things here.

we're gonna see what we're made of on Monday night, that's for sure

A second straight poor game by the team and unthinkably they are down 2-1. I actually think this will mentally toughen them up.

Really is a test for the team as they have TO WIN the next game. In truth, they should at least make the WCF for this season to at least be satisfactory after there high level in the regular season.