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Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace - Memphian to the core

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Chris Wallace takes in the experience of the franchise of Memphis.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Berger at has a fantastic article posted on Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace that details some of his journey to the NBA and what effect the Grizzlies have had on his life. Here are a few of my favorite parts:

We don't have an NFL team," Wallace said. "We don't have a baseball team or a hockey team. We're not an extremely wealthy city. But we're a very prideful city that loves its basketball. And to be a part of something as new and fresh as this is -- the revitalization of the Grizzlies -- is the most meaningful thing."

I had a great deal invested in this team from an emotional standpoint," Wallace said. "I'd been here since 2007 when we were at our lowest, getting haymakers thrown at us on a daily basis. So when you actually have some success, you'd like to be around and enjoy it.

Nights like Saturday night remind Wallace of that transformative playoff victory over the Spurs four years ago. On the night the Grizzlies clinched, Wallace -- basketball lifer and Memphian to the core -- walked outside to take it all in.

You should definitely check out the entire piece. Chris Wallace has had a very interesting life, and it's an honor to have him as a part of the Grizzlies' heritage.