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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game Four)

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Pre-, in- and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

We will find out what the team is made of tonight

This is our damn season. The league is up for grabs, the series is on the line, let's **** take it.

Feeling really good about tonight. Splash Brothers going to have a big GAME

In-game views

Highs and lows so far, not the most encouraging start.

I see they're going to let Allen mug everyone again. Nothing new, but still disappointing

These refs are already junk.

I like our defense. If the open threes start falling and we take care of the ball, we have a good chance.

Well looks like Kerr finally learned that Tony Allen can't shoot to save his life. It'll be interesting to see how long Joerger keeps him out on the floor to clank shots

Kerr got Allen out, that was nice.

Same **** as every other game. **** passing, Gasol prayers, wide open Conley and Lee jumpers.

They are barely calling anything. I have no idea how the new face of the NBA, the League MVP, gets no respect calls whatsoever.

Curry has hit a couple shots. Just go Mike Tyson on them. Eat their souls.

Energy by warriors looking great. Huge difference.

the Griz sure get away with CRAP. They ain't that good ...but the Refs let them do all sorts of garbage.

Wow, refs sucking on Gasol with the quick whistles right now....

Refs are bias as f*ck

The defense has been dramatically better today.

ZBo don't get no calls and that's the way it should be. Thug is as thug does. Or something.

Curry is INTO this GAME. Welcome back champion!

Bogut should be yelling 1st Team All-Defense at Memphis right now.

17 points. This is what a Warriors - Grizzlies is supposed to look like.

This is the team we love. Keep the foot on the throat and blow it out to 30.

Conley is having a bad game and Memphis doesn't have the firepower. Warriors take an early lead every game and they win the series easy.

Gasol just took a giant wet dump on David Lee's face. David had no answer to him. He is simply, the best C in the NBA.

Post-game views

The scary thing is we could be better. Thompson hasn't got going yet. The Grizzlies look awful in offence. They really have no answer to our double team.

I love how they talk about this series being offense (warriors) vs defense (grizz), yet they just casually mention, "if you didn't know, the Warriors were a top defense"... Hum... How about the top defense? I guess y'all forgot.

This the the Warriors we've all come to know and love. I'm a broken record, but it's all about defense, stopping their life sucking, boring ass offense, and forcing them to be a perimeter team. It's no coincidence that Bogut is looking like a different player either, now that we've taken away the Gasol and ZBo mid range shot with the double team, he can PLAY his game. With that said, Bogut has turned into a perimeter defender because they don't want any part of him inside.

The Dubs are who we thought they were! They did exactly what I thought they would, and didn't disappoint one bit. They took away the mid range game that Gasol and ZBo were murdering us with, which turned them into a perimeter offense (Allen, lol), and allowed Bogut to stay on the floor. It all STARTED on the defensive side of the floor.

Klay guarding Conley was HUGE! Totally disrupted the Grizzlies flow since Conley's their general. Keep that for game 5.

We've finally internalized the idea that if we play faster than the Griz we can deal with them being more physical. Can we keep it up through 3 more wins ?

Memphis has to rely on talk to beat us. They got in our head for 2 games, but we're back.

Anyone else find it absolutely hilarious when Vince tries to turn on his jets to catch guys on the fast break, only to realize he's an old fart? Happened at least twice tonight.

How great was it to see Steph shut the crowd up every time they got excited? Vince Carter hit a 3 and the crowd went nuts...Steph hit one 5 seconds later...crickets.

I don't think Joerger will be quick enough to adjust to Kerr's new defensive wrinkles. We've got this series

Tony Allen literally can't do a thing. Poor shot from outside and inside, passing, offensive rebounding, screen setting - everything is just terrible.