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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game Five)

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Pre-, in- and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

Winner of this game takes the series, huge game.

Don't see us dropping this one.

Lets **** go!!!

Rock and Roll baby...let it rain threes!

In-game views

put a couple bodies on Z Bo ffs

In what world does Z Bo shoot threes? I guess when you're hot, you're hot...

Not the way you want to START at all.

Uh oh Conley is hot.

I want to hear the explanation for overturning that Barnes dunk. The way I see it there wasn't any irrefutable evidence that suggests a shot clock violation.

That's more like it, hard to believe they won that quarter.

Curry's got it going. Grizzles are *****.

Offensive flow getting a little weird here. Saved by Curry's 3 balls but it looks erratic.

Anytime we get Memphis to shoot a 3 it's a victory (even if they make it).

RIP Barnes groin

Need to put Memphis in a hole early in the 3rd. GS goes on a quick run, it's over. I don't feel like Memphis can come back from being down 15+.

This game is over. Grizzles offense has stagnated in a terrible way. Virtually every shot they've taken this half has been deep in the shot clock.

Allen being out makes a huge difference. I don't care though. blow this game out.

It's painful watching the Grizz try to run a fast break. They really can't keep up with this style.

Is Calathes really this bad?

Great game . Finish this on Friday

Post-game views


This performance is how the team could and should perform every game. Memphis can't defend the team's offense and without TAllen, they are nothing special defensively.

(Memphis) did adjust, but like I said before, they aren't versatile enough to really go to anything other than their normal GAME

Maybe we should thank Memphis front office for this, 6th season Conley/Zbo/Randolph are playing together and they still can't find a SG/SF who can shoot a three consistently, create his own shot and play some defense.

Gasol is a dirty freaking player

With Allen out, Memphis offense is much better, however it's their defense which has taken the hit, as he's not hacking the crap out of Steph the way he's done in the previous series and thus Steph with some daylight in this GAME.

It's high time Charles Barkley realizes that game 2 and 3 were complete aberrations and that Warriors are the vastly superior team. Memphis never could defend the long-ball and the Warriors don't actually have a problem defending in the paint at all.

No doubt in my mind that Allen sitting out this game and barely playing the last made a difference.

Klay (and sometimes Steph) has made Conley look awfully injured again in the last 2 games haven't they?

not bad for a soft jump shooting team

I hope Allen's back next game. I do not want any bull excuses. Game 2 and 3 were weird statistical aberrations and decent, not "shutdown", defense from Memphis. We just missed a lot of shots we normally make and this will sometimes happen.

The Grizzlies played their absolute peak basketball they are capable of in the first quarter and ended it 1 point down - then got blown out. Would take a miracle for this series not to be over.

I wonder if Marc Gasol is gonna stay in Memphis or consider free agency after this season

Conley is a very good PG, but his strength is in funneling his man to help defense and nailing wide open 3s. Going over a screen and not having Allen on the floor really kills his value. Plus, in general, we're running him off the 3pt line by forcing him to take mid-rangers instead. Smart move by Kerr - Conley is only hurting us when he's taking 3s, because if someone other than Gasol/Z-Bo is taking a 2 for the Grizz, that's a WIN for us.

The only thing that enabled them TO WIN the 2 GAMES was defense and IMO, us beating ourselves with bad offense.

Grizz are not going to quit. GS will have to EARN it.