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Memphis Grizzlies Top 5 Stories of the Week

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Five of the best stories from the Memphis Grizzlies past week in action.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Grizzlies might represent a counterculture in the NBA that bucks the normal trends of roster composition and style.

2. The Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace has a lot of emotion and hard work invested in the city; enough to consider himself a Memphian.

3. Some keen minds at GBB discuss how the Grizzlies could counter Steve Kerr's move of defending Tony Allen with Warriors center Andrew Bogut.

4. The Grizzlies looked deflated and defeated in a Game 5 loss to the Warriors, and some of the components for the loss aren't too hard to figure out.

5. The moments after Mike Conley's face collided with C.J. McCollum's elbow in the 1st round against Portland were incredible tense.