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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game Six)

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Pre-, in- and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

We CLOSE it out tonight, fellas.

Nerves WELL and truly locked in!

Butthole clenched..................Check.

In-game views

Allens jump shot tho. Larry Hughes esque.

Our movement looks SO CRISP right now. They are scrambling. Keep it up, boys.

Grizzlies are dead. They have no juice for this sort of abuse anymore. I'm calling it now.

Fast start for a change. I like it.

Excellent start, though watching yesterdays game I'm not going to celebrate just yet. Memphis won't quit.

If the Dubs continue to play the way they've started this game, they're going to break some records. Awesome is the only way to describe the way they've come out for this game.

If Gasol creates all the contact, how is it a foul on us. Every time he backs down he's slamming his body into guys. End of rant.

Please don't leave the bench in long enough to let Memphis cut it to 5 or less....

Memphis into someone and get a call

lol Vince, you're about 5+ years too late for a facial.

I'm getting tired of the Randolph and Gasol fouls just because they initiate contact....

Refs are the only reason it's SINGLE digits at halftime.

Palms down, palms down. They're making their RUN, we'll answer. No need to panic.

Apparently Grizzlies can do no wrong on defense, coupled with Dubs a little cold.

Warriors PLAYING 5 against 8 right now.

Am I the only person who saw Zbo GRAB STEPH's arm which caused him to lose the ball out of bounds? Was I the only one that saw Green charge into Draymond?

Chef curry that boy cookin...

Dubs 4 just 4 fts in 3 quarters, the Griz 23. Griz fans have nothing to gripe about. I think they said they had to get security on the court, lol. Great shot by Steph which was really needed. Hopefully will be enough to get us through this last quarter.

Memphis really sucks tonight when the refs aren't feeding them buckets.

Gasol must be donating at least half his paycheck to the referees benevolent association.

NBA officials have informed referees they must keep the game close for Memphis & at least give them a chance force game 7

Curry=Ref killer.

The Warriors are so good it's boring.

GAMEover. Grizz have given up.

Post-game views

Clips or Rox, dont matter. Ws in 5.

Warriors beat the Grizzlies by a higher point differential than they had in the Pelicans sweep (8.0 vs. 7.8)

Grizz are the definition of gatekeepers. Difference between being contenders and pretenders when facing them .

Positive for the Grizzlies, at least they are the only team that beat the Warriors 3x this season

Memphis uses Seahawks logic with fouling - you ride them all the time, the refs can't call it every time.

Great series. This was good for momentum into NEXT round. Hats off to the Grizz, ready for whoever is next!

Much love to the grizz, hell of a series, much respect!

Congrats! The refs tried everything, but it didn't work. Good JOB Dubs!

i love Vince Carter, waited for Steph after his post-game and said "you got this man, the championship is YOURS. you're the one man. you're the one."

Carter scheming to come here NEXT year, maybe?

So happy right now. Much props to the Grizz, what a tough team.

I just wondered if Barkley will give the Warriors props now.

"The Shot" deflated Memphis big time. Props to them for giving the Warriors a tough RUN but they were never gonna beat the Warriors 4 times. Movin' on up...

Amazing GAME. Never a doubt and every minor run the Grizz went on, we stamped out all hope. Funny seeing the crowd stand up and sit down so many times.

Incredible game. Refs seem to call ticky tacky fouls on us all night, while our guys were getting clobbered. The Grizs seemingly have perfected the moving screen. Unbelievable composure from our guys not to get riled up and TO PLAY through it, dispelling any controversy. Impressive coaching job and lots of class when it was all said and done. And, as much as I love the big Aussie, it would be sweet to have Marc Gasol here. His post game presser was all class. Add that to his PLAY on the court and I see a Spaniard in our future

Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to read these enemy recaps throughout the season. You are the reason why I (with the help of Jonah Jordan a couple of times) have spent approximately 8,640 minutes, or 144 hours, or 6 days putting these articles together through this 93 game season.

You, the fans, have been fantastic all season long, I've watched from England and have seen 91 of the 93 games. You have been an absolute credit to your great city and our basketball team. Keep your heads held high. We will be back and we will be better! Onwards and upwards. Keep Grindin'.