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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors Game 6

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The final report card for the Grizzlies final game of the season.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 95 – Warriors 108

Coach Dave Joerger

Grade: B-

After getting thoroughly out-coached in the past two games, HCDJ finally showed up to play tonight. The end result wasn’t ideal but Joerger did a decent job with the hand he was dealt. He recognized that Tony was struggling right from the get go and moved on to Jeff Green for the rest of the way. He also threw around some hybrid starter/bench lineups that had Vince, Kosta, and Gasol all sharing the court at times. Unfortunately he really didn’t give many of Memphis’ potential contributors enough minutes throughout this series. But the biggest flaw I saw in the coaching was the team’s collapse in defending the three ball late in the game. Just as the Grizzlies were making serious inroads into the deficit, the Warriors hit multiple three’s. On numerous occasions.


Mike Conley: 39 MINS | 11 PTS | 3-13 FGS | 9 ASTS | -10

Grade: C+

It took five playoff games before the true effects of Conley’s gruesome facial injury surfaced. He looked gassed throughout the game but refused to sit out or even play reduced minutes in this elimination game. While his shot refused to fall, Conley found other avenues to contribute with nearly double digits assists and some crafty playmaking. But without a threatening jumper the Warriors didn't have much to worry about from Conley last night.

Courtney Lee: 38 MINS | 12 PTS | 5-12 FGS | 3 ASTS | -8

Grade: B

Without any gaudy statistics it’s easy to dismiss this as another game in which Courtney Lee didn’t quite show up. But having watched his performance, Lee did a decent job of providing some offense in the absence of Conley scoring. Unfortunately he just never got truly hot and was streaky in his scoring throughout the game. His hustle made up for some of that while several defensive lapses cost him, and the team.

Tony Allen: 5 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-3 FGS | -9

Grade: Not Eligible

Before the game started Tony said that he’d lace up no matter how badly his hamstring felt and you have to give him credit for doing that. However, it was immediately clear that the injury was going to prevent him from being his usual, effective self and was benched the rest of the game.

Zach Randolph: 33 MINS | 15 PTS | 5-14 FGS | 6 REBS | -6

Grade: C+

It certainly wasn’t Z-Bo’s greatest game but credit the Warriors for making the necessary adjustments to account for Memphis' dominant bigs. The main fault in Randolph’s game tonight was his inability to grab rebounds. He was constantly battling down low and zealously boxing out, but the Warriors overwhelmed him in both number and athletic prowess to win rebound after rebound. The same was true regarding the Warriors’ defense on Randolph’s shot attempt. The combination of Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut smothered Z-Bo who finished just 5-14 on the night.

Marc Gasol: 44 MINS | 21 PTS | 7-23 FGS | 5 BLKS | 15 REBS | 4 ASTS | -14

Grade: A+

Apart from a quiet 4th quarter, Marc Gasol was in absolute All-Star form tonight. We once again saw just how valuable Big Spain is to this team and how important keeping him will be this summer. While Z-Bo was cold and couldn’t even bring down many boards, Gasol stepped up and took control of the game. That stat line is unequivocally incredible and Gasol was a true force as the team’s back was against the wall and many of its stars were dimmed with injury.


Jeff Green: 31 MINS | 6 PTS | 2-8 FGS | 7 REBS | -10

Grade: D-

A fitting end to a disappointing season from Memphis’ biggest acquisition. Six points in 31 minutes just doesn’t cut it in an elimination game when the team so desperately needed Green to have one of his fabled breakout games. As usual there were sporadic flashes in the pan of Green’s abilities and athleticism, but they never caught and quickly died out. It was tough to get a feel even for his passion during the game, but I never got the impression that he was putting it all out on the floor as the season slipped away.

Kosta Koufos: 14 MINS | 8 PTS | 4-5 FGS | 8 REBS | -3

Grade: A

It only took all season for Joerger to let Koufos display his abilities, and even still it was limited to 14 minutes. When K2 (officially the big man’s nickname starting now) was in the game, he was dominant. Unlike with Jeff Green, I did get the impression that Kosta was leaving everything on the court by playing with every ounce of willpower he had. He had an aura of confidence that translated into success on both ends of the court.

Vince Carter: 26 MINS | 16 PTS | 5-7 FGS | 2-3 3PS | 3 REBS | -2

Grade: A+

Not much else could currently give me the sense of joy that giving Vince an ‘A+’ provides. There was some unadulterated Vinsanity going on in the Grindhouse and we were all witness to the final form of what Air Canada tempted us with throughout the season. Credit to Joerger for leaving him in long enough to find his swagger because Vince was a beast tonight. He, Gasol, and Kosta were the team’s biggest stars and I can only wonder what a season filled with these performances would have brought the Grizzlies.

Beno Udrih: 8 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-6 FGS | 0 Everything Else | -3

Grade: D

Ever since his ankle injury Beno really has been a shell of his temporarily superstar former self. In a sea of injuries, Beno’s still proved especially costly for the Grizzlies as the shots he took tonight were ones that typically went in before his injury. He was probably just as disappointed and confused by them missing as we were, but that’s just how the cards fell in these playoffs.

Nick Calathes: 1 MIN | 0 PTS | 1 REB | 0

Grade: Not Eligible
JaMychal Green: 1 MIN | 0 PTS | 0

Grade: Not Eligible

The Grindhouse: 18,119/18,119 Hearts and One million Energies
Grade: A+

Congratulations Grizznation on another phenomenal season that just ended a few games too soon. If it weren’t for some untimely injuries who knows how far we could have taken this thing. But even with the seconds ticking away on the season, the Grindhouse stayed loud and proud for their Grizzlies. It was another night of All Heart for the fans and quite the contrast after watching Bulls fans evaporate during their team’s elimination game. It’s tough to argue against the idea that Grizzlies fans are one of the top fanbases across the league and I know the team feels that during every home game too. Grit N’ Grind!


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