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A Post Post-Season Mailbag

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Grizzlies, music, and prescription medicine.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago and I've been in and out of it on pain killers. This naturally made me want to do a mailbag. IT'S A MAILLLLLLTIME.

I reached out to my Twitter followers to give me questions regarding anything. Like three people responded, but I have enough to do a mailbag.

"Better use of cap space if Jeff Green opts in: paying for a backup PF or a backup SF?" - @Trisity_

First off, let's point out that if Jeff Green doesn't opt in he'll be making the single biggest mistake of his life. WHEN Green opts in he's going to make $9 million next season. He isn't getting near that amount of money on the open market. It's insanity that he made even near that amount of money in the first place. Former ESPN and current Memphis Grizzlies Vice President of Basketball Operations wrote this about Jeff Green.

The Grizzlies should use the cap space they have on a backup small forward that can shoot. I think JaMychal Green and Jarnell Stokes can fill in at the backup power forward spot next season. The Grizzlies need a backup small forward next season. I think that Charlie Grrrrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrr is breaking down some free agency possibilities for the Grizzlies, but I have a few in mind.

DeMarre Carroll or Danny Green would be awesome, but that's not happening unless Vince Carter retires and Jeff Green opts out of his contract. So the Grizzlies have to look for low cost players that can make an impact. Alan Anderson, Gerald Henderson, Mike Dunleavy, Gerald Green or Danny Granger. That's not a great list, but the Grizzlies could find a good name to help the bench next season.

"Who is a better basketball player: Jonah with or without pain meds?" - @AndrewFord22

That's a good question. Jonah without pain meds plays like a small, white John Wall. I have no regard for my safety or the safety of others. I played with GBB friend person Austin Reynolds a few weeks ago and good lord it was like playing with Jeff Green. He's 6-3 with arms for days and he wants to shoot jumpers. GO IN THE POST AND LET'S RUN THE PICK AND ROLL. Buuuuuut nooooo. (I actually like playing basketball with Austin and would recommend it.)

Jonah on pain meds likes to eat ice cream and watch The Office on Netflix. I don't think Jonah on pain meds knows how to use his hands.

"If the Grizzlies waive Vince & use the stretch provision can they use whatever midlevel exception space that is cleared?" - @fastbreakbreak

I would like to point out that Fastbreak Breakfast is a great podcast that all NBA fans should listen to. I do whenever I have the chance. They're doing great stuff over there. I think they would have part of the midlevel exception to work with, but I don't  think this is the most likely course of action. If his contract had more than two seasons left on it I think they'd consider stretching him, but a deal with two more years left at $4 million isn't a contract you stretch provision.

It's time for Vince Carter to retire, but I bet he sticks around for one more season. His ankles are gone and he could only score off of offensive rebounds in the playoffs. The assumption was always "he'd show up for the playoffs". A version of Carter showed up, but it wasn't the one the Grizz needed. He was still taking and missing bad threes by a wide margin. He doesn't have the speed to stay in front of his man or close out on three point shooters anymore.

"Does a Grizzly defeat every other NBA mascot in a duel (I'm putting the Wizards and Raptors ahead of the Grizzlies)?" @bs_jennings

What a travesty. Have you seen a Grizzly bear run?

Nothing is taking out a Grizzly bear. We have all been misled by how big Raptors are. They aren't big creatures at all. They are small dog sized dinosaurs. They are vicious, but a Grizzly would destroy a Raptor. And a bear would eat Harry Potter easily. He's lucky that he didn't run into a bear in book number one or Voldemort would be ruling the world right now.

The mascots you have to look out for are the Bulls and the Timberwolves. Bulls are strong and tough animals. They won't take down a Grizzly, but it could be close. Grizzlies are too strong and fast for a bull. The problem would be a Timberwolf. Those things are fast as lightning and go for the throat. The grizzly would win, but it wouldn't be easy. It'd be super close and the Grizzly would almost be dead by the end.

I have four major fears in life.

1. Alligators/Crocodiles

Alligators are he scariest of the creatures in the wild. They can bite through just about anything and will eat everything.

2. Wasps/Bees

These things are the worst. Out of all the things on this list i am most likely to get swarmed by a hoard of wasps. I hate them all. I work at a law firm that has a serious wasp problem. So when I'm walking across the office I have to say a little prayer and hope I don't get swarmed.

3. Bears

If I'm ever faced with a bear I'm just going to lay down and call it quits. I'm not going to run or fight the bear. I'll just be eaten.

4. Open water/sea creatures eating me

Just imagine you're swimming in some open water and a creature brushes up against your leg. TERRIFYING.

"Would you be opposed to a ZBo for Melo trade if Melo said he wanted to rewrite his legacy and pursue a title?" - @waxandblunts

I think the Knicks don't do this trade unless compensated in draft picks that the Grizzlies don't have to give. It really doesn't make sense for them to give up a superstar for an aging power forward. Now, if you wanna talk giving up Jeff Green, Jordan Adams and some draft picks I'd think about it for a bit. I love Melo playing next to Gasol and Conley and it'd be so cool to finally have a star in Memphis. Just not at this cost. It's too much.

I don't know how people would react to Zach Randolph being traded. He's the face of the "Grit and Grind" movement next to Tony Allen. He's the guy that fans believe made basketball relevant in Memphis. If he's gone some are going to say the "Grit and Grind" is gone. If the FO goes away from ZBo in the next two off-seasons a massive part of the foundation could go away. I hope that doesn't happen. The problem is that with the current cap situation the Grizzlies may have to go away from ZBo to rebuild.

"2Pac or Biggie?" - @AyeBP

This is a tossup. I love them both a good amount. It's all about what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm in a party mood I listen to Biggie. If I feel like hating the world I listen to Tupac.

"Prince Or Michael Jackson?" - @AyeBP

On Twitter yesterday a few people and I put together our 20 favorite albums of all time (I had the best list). Michael had two in my top 20. Bad and Thriller are incredible albums. There are some classic songs on each album that I know all the words to. Both will be remembered forever. I wish I could pull off one of those MJ red leather jackets with the straps from Thriller, but i uhhh don't think I can do that.

"Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?" - @AyeBP

I'm a Backstreet Boys kind of guy. NSYNC is just blehhhhh. All the cool kids listened to the Backstreet Boys back in the day. NSYNC is lame.

"Best Grizz point guard since being in Memphis?" - @AyeBP

Mike Conley hands down. Jason Williams and Juan Carlos Navarro are the only two that even come to mind besides Conley. He is the best point guard the Grizzlies have ever had. It took him a while to get to where he is. When Conley came into the league he was scrawny and wasn't a

"Thabeet or Haddadi?" - @AyeBP

I'm on #TeamHaddadi till I die. Hamed did more at the end of the bench for the Grizzlies than Thabeet ever did in his career.

"Three Six Mafia or UGK" - @AyeBP

I think I have to give away my Memphis citizenship if I say UGK. THREEEEE SIX MAFIAAAA ALLL THE WAY! They are Academy Award winners how is this even a question?

"Ny Rap or Southern Rap?" - @AyeBP

I'm from the south so I'm taking southern rap. New York is kind of irrelevant in the rap scene as of right now. Southern rap will not die. It's the best. You have Atlanta, Memphis and Louisiana producing rappers. I can't name the last good rapper NY produced.

"Linkin Park or Gorillaz?" - @AyeBP

Neither. I like good music.

"Pharell or Timbaland?" - @AyeBP


Also because this is one of my favorite interviews ever.

"Best NBA center of all time?" - @AyeBP

There are layers to this question. Shaquille O'Neal is the most dominant center ever, but I don't think he was the best. I think Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the right answer here.

"T.I. or T.I.P?" - @AyeBP

T.I. because Paper Trail is my jam.

"Pandora, Spotify or Tidal?" - @AyeBP

Spotify is the best out of the three. I love making my own playlists. It's one of my favorite inventions ever. Right up there with the iPhone, Twitter and Chick-Fil-A. Pandora irritates the bejeezus out of me. It skips around and plays music that I don't want to listen to. Tidal just sucks. I'm not paying $9.99 to not use Spotify.

"Superbad or StepBrothers?" - @AyeBP

Superbad because without Superbad we would have no StepBrothers and a whole generation of movies just like it. I can relate to the guys in Superbad so much. It's ridiculous. I think every teenager can relate to the guys in Superbad in some way. It's a terrific movie. I'm pretty sure StepBrothers is the last good movie Will Ferrell made.

"Hot wings or fried chicken?" - @AyeBP

Fried chicken is the GOAT, but hot wings are second. I could and do eat chicken for days. I love all kinds of chicken. It's the best meat and it's not really close. I haven't had chicken tenders in about 5 days and I think i'm going through withdrawal. My body wasn't ready for the sudden lack of chicken tenders. I'm in shock. Huey's chicken tenders are so good. If Soul Fish had chicken tenders I would think about living there.

I'd like to point out that Bosses has the best wings in Memphis. I have gone on the record several times saying Chings is the best, but that isn't so anymore. I've changed my tune. Bosses blows them out of the water these days. The honey hot wings are exactly what I'm going to destroy the day I can eat solid foods. I need to try Central BBQ's wings. I hear they are great.

(These last two paragraphs are my attempt at getting free food. Fingers crossed!)

"Spoon or spork?" - @AyeBP

Fork I shall not bow to the ridiculousness of the spork. IT CAN'T CUT ANYTHING. YOU TRY TO CUT CUZ YOU THINK "OH I HAVE A FORK AND I'LL CUT THIS DELICIOUS PIECE OF FOOD I HAVE. OOPS THE SIDES ARE ROUNDED IT WON'T CUT BUTTER." I would rather eat with chop sticks or tooth picks. Sporks were invented by the communists. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

"First Take or PTI?" - my friend Nick.

PTI. There's a soft spot in my heart for Tony Kornheiser. I could listen to that man read the newspaper and be entertained. I don't enjoy First Take for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it is just PTI with a host. That poor, poor host.

"Sober Eminem or Not sober Eminem?" - @AyeBP

Oh this is tough. I like Eminem getting his life together and being sober, but damn was late 1900's/early 2000's Eminem so great. The three album run from The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show is one of the greatest three album runs for a solo artist ever. Then it went downhill. Encore was his fourth album and man was it bad. It was so obvious that he mailed it in and was kind of wanted to see how many people he could offend in one album. It was an unnecessary display of how he could make fun of people. There were some good songs like Mockingbird and Yellow Brick Road, but overall it was his worst album.

Sober Eminem is a good rapper, but he's run out of things to rap about besides his past. He still has good songs, but he hasn't put together a complete album since his return. Relapse, Recovery and The Marshall Mathers Lp 2 were just not great albums. Eminem can show his skills at any time and does, but it's time for him to fade into a booth and produce for other people. ALSO, TAKE A BREAK AND GET DRE TO RELEASE DETOX. RIGHT NOW. THAT SHOULD BE PRIORITY NUMBER 1. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

"Gucci Mane or Flocka?" - @AyeBP

Gucci Mane. If you ever want to freak a bunch of people out walk up to them and just yell "wakawakawakawakawakawakawakawaka" at them as loud as possible. Never fails to confuse, upset and disorient your foe(s).

"Who's worse: Shaq or Reggie Miller?" - my friend Nick.

I really wanted to say Reggie Miller. I really, really wanted to, but Shaq ruined my favorite NBA related show around. Shaq sits and yells "barbecue chicken" and throws shade at Dwight Howard any chance he gets. I think it's time for a whole new Inside the NBA crew to take over. Everyone besides Ernie needs to go. Kenny Smith cares about his reality tv show more than the show, Charles Barkley wants to bash analytics that he doesn't understand at every turn and Shaq doesn't know what's happening half the time. It's time to start over and I have just the people to do it.

You have to start with Kobe Bryant. You tell him Michael Jordan said he wouldn't be a good TV personality and he'll be the best we've ever seen. He'd blow your favorite person out of the water. Next you need the wild card that you aren't really sure what he'll say. That's Kevin Garnett. Those are two super intense guys so you need a fun loving person to relax things. That's where Paul Pierce comes in. He's competitive and intense, but not scary rip your face off intense as the other two. That means you have three Hall of Famers who are insanely smart and all funny. You'd get all of the ratings. ALL OF THEM.