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GBBLive Recap: Calkins and Edmiston of the Memphis Commercial Appeal Look Back on 2014-2015 and to the Future

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GBBLive heads in to its month-long hiatus with a heck of a season-in-review show! Miss it live, or just want to listen again? Check it out below.

As the attention goes away from what was the 2014-2015 Memphis Grizzlies and turns toward what will be the 2015-2016 Memphis Grizzlies, GBBLive tied a nice bow on what was "Team 14" on an all-new episode of GBBLive! If you missed the show live or just want a repeat listen, listen in the player below or via this link.

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The first segment of our show featured myself and Producer Chip Williams discussing all things Grizzly Bear Blues and the season's best and worst moments and much more with GBB Managing Editor Chris Faulkner.

Geoff Calkins, lead sports columnist of the Memphis Commercial Appeal and 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis' "Geoff Calkins Show" joined the program once again and had great perspective on Memphis' "Core Four" and how their value to the Grizzlies and Memphis community may well go beyond a championship.

Finally, Memphis Commercial Appeal contributor and co-host of "Wolo and Peter in the Morning" on Sports56 WHBQ in Memphis further cemented his "Friend of the Show" status with a great segment involving Marc Gasol's impending free agency and how the roster should shape up heading in to next season.

All this and a heck of a lot more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Follow the show's BlogTalkRadio page and Twitter page @GBBLive, be sure to subscribe to the Podcast on ITunes and sign up for Audible's audio book service using this link to get a great service and help GBBLive make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

GBBLive is taking a break! We will return June 18th with all-new episodes looking ahead to the draft and free agency. Until then, Grind Forth Grizz Nation, this is Grizzly Bear Blues Live!

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