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The Memphis Grizzlies can't get their Sisyphean boulder perched

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Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Levy at Hardwood Paroxysm has a fantastically written article posted that addresses their never-ending journey of trying to turn their potential into permanence ... or at least into temporary fixation with the Memphian-loved "Core Four" of Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen.

The following passage beautifully sums up the disappointing reality through which we Grizzlies fans currently wade:

The top of the mountain for the Memphis Grizzlies is not winning the title. It's transcending their nagging weaknesses and playing as well and successfully as their talent allows. It's maximizing ability, independent of matchup and context. This is the high point they've never quite been able to get their boulder to stay perched on.

It may seem like an unreasonable goal. Matchups and context are to a large degree what shapes the effects of talent. It also seems fair to wonder if the ways in which the Grizzlies have actually finished this season, and the past few, is a good approximation of their actual potential. But it can't feel that way to the players, or the other members of that organization, or many of their fans. Proximity can alter perception, but those who spend the most time in and around this team still seem to feel that there is still a gap between potential and product.

Many members of Grizz Nation are coming to the realization that it – "it" being an NBA title – is likely not coming to Memphis with the team anchored around the current Core Four as they have been these past few, wonderful years. For some, the question that's reluctantly bouncing around inside our heads is whether or not it's worth watching this Memphis-Made-Magic another few years with the players we've grown to adore only to come up disparagingly short for the ultimate goal.

I'd love to know what you guys think.

  • Can these Grizzlies put it altogether with just a few minor tweaks?
  • Do they need to make a major move to shake things up?
  • Or are you content to watch the current squad GNG through 82 games while believing they aren't fully equipped to make a title run?

Let me know if the comments!