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Marc Gasol hasn't thought about changing teams

Grizzlies fans rejoice, for now.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol had one of his first meetings with Spanish media yesterday as he returned to Spain for some off-season R&R. This morning (or yesterday morning, always hard to tell with the time difference), Adriano Correal of Gigantes del Basket spoke with Marc on his intentions for free agency this summer.

I have not thought about changing teams. Everybody knows about the relationship between Memphis and all my family. It's special and it has left a mark on us. You have to put everything in the balance. The decision will be good because I will make it good.

And went on to put the Grizzlies in a future progressive form:

The team must improve and I must improve as well. We must try to make a winning culture within the franchise. If we didn't have things to improve upon we wouldn't be here [giving this interview] today. I don't have many needs that other franchises can fulfill. I would love to be playing in the Finals and that is my goal which I will have in my next contract. Only basketball. That's all that concerns me every single day. I am a simple man: from training at home to being with my family.

That doesn't really sound like a guy who's trying to leave Memphis.

Additionally, Marc talked about his probable decision to sit out from Eurobasket 2015 world play, something Gasol has been a part of for the past 14 years in some way or another.

Finally, when asked about the San Antonio Spurs, a team likely to court Gasol, Marc had the following to say:

San Antonio is an example franchise and have always admired Tim Duncan.

It's still pretty typical Gasolean non-committal speech, but it's starting to show some tinges of Memphis favoritism.


After reading this comment from wiseraccoon on Reddit I got to thinking and rambled on Twitter.