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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game One)

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Pre-, in- and post-game views from Warriors fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

Hoping the team isn't rusty because of the long break, early game too so good start would be nice.

I know our coaching staff is prepared, but over a week off between games, players can definitely take some time to get back into it and we can't afford to give away a home game to the Grizz. In any case, I expect the first game to be a challenge and not a blowout in our favor.

I am so happy that this series is finally starting after the sweep. Getting these first two home games is essential as I just can't see anyone being able to take 4 out of 5 from us.

In-game views

Dray Splashing

Marc has the best post spin-o-rama in the league. Drays gotta respect that. Will be a HUGE thorn all series long.

They are EXTREMELY well coached and drilled. Lots of easy inside passing and looks.

Dang as good as the Warriors are playing, Memphis is right there without underrated Mike Conley.

My goodness Curry is playing OUT OF HIS MIND DEFENSIVELY! The best I've ever seen him so far

Here come the whistles to make sure this game isn't a blowout.


Nick C can defend

I'm telling you Barnes is better than Jeff green! Some nba analysts reckon that Jeff green should be an x factor? Lol when us that ever going to happen??? Barnes is proving to be the x factor today!!!!

Zbo still playing well but the problem is the more you have to rely on him the more you have to keep him on the floor, the more tired he gets... Again that will play into our hands

Post-game views

Good win even with Gasol and zbo dominating inside. Gotta get more from our bigs defensively.

Warriors undefeated when Jackson is announcing.

Grizzles badly need conley back

No doubt about this one. The Grizz got off the hook with neither Klay or Curry really getting hot, but we showed everyone that there's just too many weapons and talent on this roster.

Great, dominant WIN. Interesting that Bogut was totally outplayed by MGasol and fouled as well, yet the team still won easily. Be good to see Bogut limit MGasol and match him but as long as he's out there and does his JOB defensively he's done he's job. Green almost matched Randolph and hitting four threes makes it much harder for the Grizz to defend the team. Randolph is the type of player that Green finds it hard to defend, with his strength and inside play so Green will have to attack him a bit offensively and try to draw fouls from Randolph. Our backcourt just dominates and as long as Conley is out, they have close to no scoring punch in their backcourt or outside shooting.

I thought the team would win this series in five, and still do, but it could even be a sweep.

after so much hand wringing in the first series this was a snoozer. I felt confident throughout.

The most interesting part of the game was Tony Allen disrupting the kids and getting booed mercilessly. That was the loudest the place got.

If the Grizzlies want to do some damage, they need to bring it on defense. Because on offense, it doesn’t look like they can COMPETE with the Warriors. Even if Mike Conley, eventually, returns. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are not going to keep Memphis in every game. They need help. Especially if other players, besides the Splash Brothers, score and play well for the Warriors.

We’ll see how Game 2 goes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this series turns out to be a lot easier than the previous one against the Pelicans.

I actually think the Pels posed a greater threat than MEM. AD is simply a beast. Gasol and Zbo are very good, but simply not enough for the multiple weapons that the Warriors have. If this goes more than 5 games, I will be shocked.

Without Conley, Grizzlies just don't have a chance of scoring enough to keep pace

Tony Allen certainly played well. Others that need to step up: Lee, Green and Udrih. If they can get consistent production from this four, this team can be tougher to beat.

Tony Allen shall GRIND IN HELL for what he's done! The most diabolical scrub basketball player on the planet!

Sweep prediction looking swell. I don’t think this team can be challenged by a squad that doesn’t shoot the three well.