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Recapping the Enemy: Warriors (Game Two)

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Pre-, in- and post-game views from Warriors fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

Let's hope the whole MVP thing didn't throw the team off, including the pre game trophy presentation.

This... is a game the Griz desperately need. it's a long shot.. since GSW just WINS at home. To get it... the Griz need to find a way to beat GSW.. and need to win at least ONE in the Oracle. If it goes to GSW up 3-0... the odds SUCK for the Griz. At that point... it's just too late to get it done. f the Griz somehow win TONIGHT... then they are legit, they have a shot. Otherwise... they are trying to run uphill.

I sure hope they can come out and keep things going. No time for a letdown.

Conley is starting tonight. Interesting to see how that goes for them. I don't predict it goes well. Last I heard he was still dealing with vision and light sensitivity issues.

Grizzlies are going to come out and really fight I expect. We'll need to match their intensity. Need to push pace where possible.

In-game views

We are going to get royally screwed in this game, that's pretty obvious already. League needs da cash.

Mike Conley's hot shooting won't continue all game and our offense will get in a rhythm. Hopefully the refs even out and we're gucci.

We need someone who can bang with Zach or else he's going to keep punishing us down low. Bogut can't guard both him and Gasol the entire game.

They are just walking through the lane at will.

Warriors may not wake up until they are down 20. You can only go to that well so many times, though.

Man, these refs are killing us, I wonder if it's intentional.

How are you the mvp and getting owned by a guy with 1 eye. Come the **** on.

What the heck are you doing dray? Dirty play.

Shouldn't be diving into the paint head first with 3 Warriors there with a broken face. Not too intelligent. Give the dude props for courage, but not for smarts, at least on that play.

If that was intentional by Green, lost a lot of respect. I want to win, but I don't want to do it dirty.

Think we got this one guys. We're playing like ass. I doubt we'll come out playing like that in the 3rd quarter.

I don't see anything Memphis is doing that is causing us trouble. We're missing open shots and turning the ball over. That's basically why we're behind.

all that work to only win the quarter by 1. This is over.

Wow Allen.

When Conley comes back in they really need to attack him on offense, his stamina is s***.

Man they've bailed out the Grizz on these wild shots several times.

Allen killing us, never mind.

1st team all defense......

OK, if Joerger is pointing at his guys and saying "1st team all defense", Kerr needs to point at Curry in the huddle and say "MVP!"

They are pretty much getting every key rebound.

I have to give Memphis credit, every time we make a run, they find a way to counter.

We didn't deserve to win. Game 3 will say a lot about this team.

Post-game views

Mike Conley on 1 eye taking a sh*t on the mvp. Disgraceful.

I rarely blame games on refs, but the refs dictated the pace of this game, not the Grizz.

Curry should give his mvp to mike Conley. Getting outplayed by a guy with 1 eye in your house right after winning mvp. Lmao pathetic embarassing disgraceful.

We got schooled. Just terrible shooting, spacing, and above all passing. Sloppy play killed us more than anything else. Defense was fine. I'm not overly worried about the series however. This kind of display won't likely happen again.

Team isn't built for Klay and Curry to **** the bed on the same night.

Just an overall crappy performance tonight. Thought they would of played harder. Give the Grizzlies credit for taking it them.

Memphis looked like the experienced playoff team they are. The Warriors got hit (Klay and Steph) and they didn't respond well at all.

It was a sign when Klay missed that dunk. Memphis turned up the defensive screws and got in Klay and Steph's head.

So I ask this. Can the Grizzlies play better or is this it. If they can play better we should be really worried.

It was clear Kerr did not account for Conley in the gameplan at all. Guys were going under screens on him and players wouldn't pick him up until he was about to cross the 3pt line. The guy is a legit top 10 PG, not Nick Calathes, treat him like it.

Conley just showed up the MVP in his house

I think we can all agree it was a $|-|IT performance all the way around, but I'm not all that down. If that happens again in game 3 I will officially freak out, but it's not going to happen again in game 3. It's more likely they are going to bury Memphis by 30+. These guys are going to be stewing on this loss for a couple days and I'll be shocked if they don't come out like the steamroller that they are then. Meanwhile we can all enjoy a few days of the media talking about how it's a series again and oh no is GS really in trouble? and so on. Which I think we all know is BS.

I'm honestly a bit worried, if tony Allen can take klay Thompson out the game we're screwed

Need to come out with a vengeance in Game 3 and stomp any hope Memphis has. We can beat this team any which way, as long as we don't beat ourselves.