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Final Score: Grizzlies Welcome Warriors into the Grindhouse, 99-89

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The Grizzlies and Warriors played Game 3 in Memphis. I took notes.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies survived a late scare that saw a once 17-point lead dwindle down to 4 points late in the game, but the Warriors couldn't summon enough splash to dig one out in the Grindhouse. Memphis confidently ran their game from start to finish and are now up 2 games to 1 over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

1st Quarter Notes

  • Courtney Lee sends crowd into early frenzy with a flush for two points.
  • Both teams seem a bit overwound, especially Memphis
  • Mike Conley goes down hard on a fast break and flexes his wrist. He's fine. It's not his face.
  • Warriors running it all through Klay and Steph to start. Looks like they want to ensure a rhythm for those guys.
  • Grizzlies countering with pretty intense defense. They are everywhere.
  • Mike Conley crosses one over on the Warriors for a sick three pointer.
  • Curry & Bogut pick and roll > Conley & Gasol pick and roll
  • Warriors playing too cute in the first quarter. Grizzlies playing tough.
  • Quarter ends with solid defense and another missed Jeff Green jumper, 23-20 Grizzlies.

2nd Quarter Notes

  • Speights doesn't have a chance with the Kosta/Gasol twin towers in to start the quarter.
  • Jeff Green's struggles continue with a offensive foul call on opening possession
  • It's starting to smell like a Kosta Koufos game.
  • Warriors standing around pretty flat-footed as Grizzlies bench carves them up.
  • Grizzlies keeping offense rolling through a little bit of everyone.
  • Warriors get bailed out on a Koufos-statue foul call, puts Iggy to the line.
  • Memphis being outrebounded right now but it doesn't feel like it.
  • Jeff Green steals the ball, pushes, drives, and kicks it out to no one in the corner for a turnover.
  • Joerger calls a timeout, runs play for clean Jeff Green three from the corner. SWISH! Jeff really needed that one.
  • Grizzlies are scorching both ends right now, 17-point lead with 3:45 to play in the 1st half.
  • Tony Allen is influencing several "first team all defense" chants to end the half. The man is on fire and stealing everything the Warriors are throwing around.
  • Grizzlies keep the torch burning on defense through the horn, close at the half up 55-39.

3rd Quarter Notes

  • Warriors come out with Klay, he hits the midrange and thinks he was fouled.
  • Gasol comes down the other end and goes hard at Bogut, who did actually foul Marc. Bogut's 3rd foul of the game.
  • Draymond gets his first points of the game with squaring up a 3.
  • Warriors starting to make their run now. Grizzlies need to get organized on offense and go back to not turning the ball over.
  • Grizzlies going cold on offense. BAM like that it's a 7-point game.
  • Some gritting and grinding going on out here. Klay Thompson picks up his 4th foul.
  • And now Bogut's in trouble with his 4th foul. Marc Gasol makes good things happen when he goes to the rim.
  • Marc Gasol with an incredibly heady play to knock it out on Ezeli's foot.
  • Z-Bo to CLee for 3, back up to 14-pt lead with 3:08 to play in the 3rd.
  • Hey, I thought Warriors fans told me that Draymond would be using all this hate for motivation? Guess his converter's broken.
  • Grizzlies just pound away with Zach Randolph. Golden State is fighting but not hitting enough of a rhythm to cut into the lead.
  • Memphis goes into the 4th quarter up 79-64.

4th Quarter Notes

  • Memphis favorite DeAngelo Williams comes out with Super Griz to start the 4th quarter. This crowd is ready and willing to explode at any minute.
  • Grizzlies continue to pound away with Z-Bo. glug glug glug
  • Draymond picks up his 4th foul. Warriors getting a surge from Mo Speights ... which is very similar to the caloric value of a can of Surge.
  • Dubs cut the lead to 13 with 9:33 to play. Joerger calls a timeout to regroup and Speights head to the locker room.
  • These teams are scrapping for this basketball, y'all.
  • Draymond Green is pretty obnoxious, y'all.
  • Thompson misses two free throws. Warriors 10/16 from the line tonight.
  • Grizzlies getting a little sloppy with their contact and positioning, bailing out the Warriors with silly fouls.
  • Mike Conley goes up for a strong baseline reverse, gets fouled and comes down grabbing his hamstring. Getting a vigorous massage on the bench during timeout.
  • Mike's fine, but Marc's gone cold down the stretch.
  • Dubs take the lead down to single digits, 9 of them, with 5:00 to play.
  • The fouls that the Grizzlies are committing are getting really questionable here in this 4th quarter. By that I mean the calls for the fouls.
  • Warriors are being given a way back into this game with 3:36 to play, but then Draymond commits a lane violation.
  • Grizzlies offense has gone completely MIA in the 4th quarter until Courtney Lee nails a HUGE three off a Tony Allen kick out.
  • Grizzlies had 13 fouls to enter the 4th quarter. They now have 25. Marc Gasol had 1 foul at halftime, and he has now fouled out from mostly loose ball fouls.
  • Grizzlies up 5, defense comes through with a steal, Conley throws it ahead to Tony Allen for the layup. Memphis up 7 with 69 seconds to play.
  • Mike Conley converts an incredible layup to put Grizzlies up 9, Curry brings ball down and is fouled with 33 seconds left.
  • Dubs left to play the foul game with half a minute to play. FedexForum starts impromptu "Whoop that trick" chant.
  • Mike hits both free throws to take the Grizzlies up 10.
  • Warriors turn over their final possession. Grizz win!! 99-89

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