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2015 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft: Team Selection Time!

The time for GBB to decide the fate of 30 young men has come again.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year again. In the coming weeks you'll see so many mocks you'll think you're perpetually at a Steve Jobs memorial. Grizzly Bear Blues is going to get in on the action as well.

We're doing a first round mock draft with all 30 selections being represented by members of our staff and by our loyal contingency of readers and commenters.

  • Check out the list below to see what is unclaimed and then make your single-team selection in the comments! Team selection is first come, first serve. And you will know you're confirmed for a team by my response to you in the comments. I'll try and update the list below as often as possible so people are teased into thinking they got a team that's already been claimed.
  • Your pick will need to be accompanied by some form of reasoning and legitimacy for the team you represent. It doesn't have to be entire scouting report, but it needs to make sense. Trades will be allowed but at minimum they'll need to pass the NBA Trade Machine and they'll also be subject to screening from myself and the GBB Staff.
  • If your team has multiple first round picks you will be responsible for all of those picks (unless you trade them to someone else.)
  • We'll just start with one team per person, and if not every team is claimed we'll open it up for some folks to take on multiples. You can also choose to represent the Pelicans or the Clippers, the two teams without first round picks, and attempt to trade back into the first round.
  • After the selections are finalized, I'll get in touch with everyone that responded and get a Google document sent to you with the schedule of picks. I'll be sending a reminder to you just to make sure you don't forget.
  • I'll be using the email address you've registered to your account to contact you. If you'd like to be contacted by a different method please email me at
  • By signing up for a mock draft team, you are giving me permission to share your email address or preferred contact info with the other participants in the GBB Community Mock Draft so that trades can be discussed.

Team 1st round GBB GM
Timberwolves #1 Jonah Jordan
Lakers #2, #27 chipwilliamsjr
76ers #3 JLGriz(z)
Knicks #4 Joe Mullinax
Magic #5 Andy Livingston
Kings #6 axelrowlings
Nuggets #7 Joe Witherwax
Pistons #8 Matthew Bishop
Hornets #9 serdricacceus
Heat #10 Mopol123
Pacers #11 Andrew Ford
Jazz #12 Tblythe
Suns #13 nickbushart
Thunder #14 ljjung
Hawks #15 Zordor
Celtics #16, #28 HEARNBURN
Bucks #17 Jill Kong
Rockets #18 SirRiles
Wizards #19 pfleming15
Raptors #20 Arkm110
Mavericks #21 ethanwi11iams
Bulls #22 Burgundy
Trail Blazers #23 Edwin Ortiz
Cavaliers #24 Tcampbell395
Grizzlies #25 Kevin Yueng
Spurs #26 ks10680
Nets #29 Marcgasaucey
Warriors #30 bstubbs
Pelicans none
Clippers none