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2015 GBB Community Mock Draft: Detroit Pistons Trade pick #8

GBB simulates the (magical version of the) 2015 NBA Draft.

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Pick #8
Detroit Pistons
GM: Matthew Bishop

We have two trades!


Miami Heat trade: Pick #10, Chris Anderson, Mario Chalmers


Phoenix Suns: Pick #13, Markieff Morris


Miami Heat trade: Pick #13, Markieff Morris, Shabazz Napier


Detroit Pistons: Pick #8, Brandon Jennings

From Miami Heat GM Mopo123:

As all of you are aware, we lost a large part of our team last summer. We pride ourselves on being a championship organization and immediately got to work on reloading for another run this past year. We added an All-Star SF Luol Deng, as well as role players Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger.

Mid-season we were able to use a vacant spot on our roster to sign Hassan Whiteside, who exceeded all of our expectations. Shortly after, we traded some of the assets we had signed to trade for All-NBA talent Goran Dragic which we hoped would vault us right back in to title contention.

Needless to say our plan came up short. We failed to make the playoffs, we failed our fans, and we failed Dwyane Wade, who has given up millions to help us all achieve greater success.

We won't make any excuses though. Our goal this summer is simple. We want to put together a supporting cast the envy of all the league. The first order of business though, would be to acquire as many valuable pieces as possible. We felt that we were just out of range for a top talent to slide back to, and there would be more to gain by trading back for a bench or up for a steal.

The first order of business for us was to trade in some of the pieces on our bench for a higher profile player. Morris fit in right there. We slid back a few spots, but stayed in the lottery and were ready for the next move.

We shopped Markieff backwards and forwards. Detroit at 8 is where we felt the best place to find a top valued steal in the draft.

Having McRoberts coming back from injury this season is gonna be big for us. We were more concerned with addressing one of the guard positions and were thrilled to be able to move up to #8. We had hopes for Napier and are pleased with his development, but we need to get production in a hurry. Jennings comes in with a knack for scoring and will be very welcome to us as we had the 3rd lowest scoring bench in the league last season.

With the 7th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Miami Heat and Mopo123 select

8) Stanley Johnson, Small Forward from Arizona

Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

From GM Mopo123:

Which finally brings us to our draft pick. We missed on our steal by one pick (lucky Denver!), but are more than happy to bring in Stanley Johnson. A young 2-way wing who is as mature (physically and mentally) as anyone you will find in the draft.

He has drawn comparisons to Jimmy Butler, Ron Artest, and Kawhi Leonard for his big body and defensive versatility. The comparisons don't just come from his combine measurements though. At this point is seems as though the only intensity level he knows how to play at is balls-to-the-wall. He will have to learn in time to dial back on his intensity level if he wants to make it through an 82 game season. I think that's an issue we will gladly take on.

The trade frenzy continues! Up tomorrow we have pfleming15 and the Charlotte Hornets at #9.

Pick Team GM Selection
#1 Timberwolves Jonah Jordan Karl-Anthony Towns
#2 Lakers chipwilliamsjr Jahlil Okafor
#3 Timberwolves (from 76ers) Jonah Jordan D'Angelo Russell
#4 Raptors (from Knicks) Arkm110 Emmanuel Mudiay
#5 Celtics (from Magic) HEARNBURN Kristaps Porzingis
#6 Kings Jonah Jordan Mario Hezonja
#7 Nuggets Joe Witherwax Justise Winslow
#8 Heat (from Pistons) Mopo123 Stanley Johnson
#9 Hornets pfleming15
#10 Suns (from Heat) nickbushart
#11 Pacers Andrew Ford
#12 Jazz Tblythe
#13 Pistons (from Heat/Suns) Matthew Bishop
#14 Thunder ljjung
#15 Hawks Zordor
#16 Magic (from Celtics) Andy Livingston
#17 Bucks Jill Kong
#18 Rockets SirRiles
#19 Wizards serdricacceus
#20 Thunder (from Raptors) ljjung
#21 Mavericks ethanwi11iams
#22 Bulls Burgundy
#23 Trail Blazers Edwin Ortiz
#24 Cavaliers Tcampbell395
#25 Grizzlies Kevin Yueng
#26 Spurs ks10680
#27 Lakers chipwilliamsjr
#28 Celtics HEARNBURN
#29 Nets Marcgasaucey
#30 Warriors bstubbs