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2015 GBB Community Mock Draft: Phoenix Suns Trade to #10

GBB simulates the (magical version of the) 2015 NBA Draft.

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Pick #10
Phoenix Suns
GM: nickbushart

Refresher on the trade that brought us here:

Phoenix Suns traded: Pick #13, Markieff Morris


Miami Heat: Pick #10, Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers

From GM nickbushart on the trade:

This past season we fell a little short of our goal to reach the playoffs. In the middle of the season we traded away a lot of good players such as Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, and some bench players like Miles Plumlee. In return we picked up some nice pieces like Brandon Knights and Brenden Wright. However with the trades our bench has been lacking.

Going into the draft the Suns had holes that needed to be filled. We needed an experienced back up center and a back up point guard. With the additions of Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen we add experience and decent players. Trading Morris was not that hard because with us moving up in the draft allows us the option to add a younger big man. Also Brandan Wright is a free agent we hope to resign to give us a nice big man core. One other reason we felt it important to to grab Chalmers is that Brandon Knight is a free agent and if he does not resign then we have a security blanket because we prefer Eric Bledsoe at the 2-guard. We wish Markief the best with the Pistons.

And with the 10th pick in the draft, the Phoenix Suns and nickbushart select:

10) Frank Kaminsky, PF from Wisconsin

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

From GM nickbushart:

We are looking to win now and we barely missed the playoffs last year. Kaminsky is the most experienced player drafted up to this point. He lead the Badgers to the national championship. He is a seven-footer who has an amazing stroke. He has been compared to the likes of Ryan Anderson and maybe even a poor man's Kevin Love. I think Kaminsky can step right in and start for the Suns.

The Suns were ranked in the 20s when it came to defense and rebounding. Kaminsky in his senior year averaged eight rebounds a games and one and a half blocked shots. A lot of analysis see Frank as a center in the league; however, we will use him as a power forward next to three year big man Alex Len. Having a starting font court with two seven footers is really nice, especially with Kaminsky being able to stretch the court like he can. He is an upgrade from the big men who have been playing the power forward for the suns. Kaminsky last year scored 18.8 points per game, had 8.2 rebounds per game, and 2.6 assists per game. The best big man for the suns was Markief Morris who had 15 points per game, 6 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

Overall Kaminsky gives us size, IQ, and an ability to win now. He will come in, most likely start immediately and has the potential to be very helpful in our playoff run this year.

Ten in the books! Tomorrow we'll continue onto with Andrew Ford and the Pacers at #11 and Tblythe and the Jazz at #12.

Pick Team GM Selection
#1 Timberwolves Jonah Jordan Karl-Anthony Towns
#2 Lakers chipwilliamsjr Jahlil Okafor
#3 Timberwolves (from 76ers) Jonah Jordan D'Angelo Russell
#4 Raptors (from Knicks) Arkm110 Emmanuel Mudiay
#5 Celtics (from Magic) HEARNBURN Kristaps Porzingis
#6 Kings Jonah Jordan Mario Hezonja
#7 Nuggets Joe Witherwax Justise Winslow
#8 Heat (from Pistons) Mopo123 Stanley Johnson
#9 Hornets pfleming15 Willie Cauley-Stein
#10 Suns (from Heat) nickbushart Frank Kaminsky
#11 Pacers Andrew Ford
#12 Jazz Tblythe
#13 Pistons (from Heat via Suns) Matthew Bishop
#14 Thunder ljjung
#15 Hawks Zordor
#16 Magic (from Celtics) Andy Livingston
#17 Bucks Jill Kong
#18 Rockets SirRiles
#19 Wizards serdricacceus
#20 Thunder (from Raptors) ljjung
#21 Mavericks ethanwi11iams
#22 Bulls Burgundy
#23 Trail Blazers Edwin Ortiz
#24 Cavaliers Tcampbell395
#25 Grizzlies Kevin Yueng
#26 Spurs ks10680
#27 Lakers chipwilliamsjr
#28 Celtics HEARNBURN
#29 Nets Marcgasaucey
#30 Warriors bstubbs