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Beno practices shooting 3's sitting down while rehabbing ankle

Beno Udrih looked like a man possessed in the Grizzlies first 1.5 games against the Portland Trail Blazers in round 1 of the 2015 NBA Playoffs. He was one of the only Grizzlies who was actually capable of kicking into a "playoff gear" back in mid-April. During those glorious 1 1/2 games, Beno looked like the medicine that Memphis needed with Mike Conley still ailing from some bum ankles.

Beno was all going like:

Which then made him all BOOM-SHAKALAKA'ing:

But then he hurt his ankle doing this:

And was mostly then like:

Photo: Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports

And now Beno Udrih is rehabbing that ankle in the off-season, but he's not letting the process slow down his shooting practice.

When your ankle's not % you can still work on your #FlickaDaWrist #CheddaDaConnect #GNG

A video posted by Beno Udrih (@benoudrih19) on

It's not jump-shooting. It's sit-shooting. And I could watch Beno do it for hours.

Also side bar: Beno is officially integrated into Memphis. #FlickaDaWrist