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2015 NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies select Jarell Martin 25th overall

Welcome the newest Memphis Grizzly, y'all.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

GBB's Joe Mullinax on the pick:

Well, we were afraid of this.

The Memphis Grizzlies have indeed confirmed speculation and taken Jarell Martin, Forward from LSU. Martin certainly has some upside; he is tremendously athletic at 6'9" 239 pounds, able to run the floor in transition and potentially play both forward spots. Versatility is something the Grizzlies continue to sorely need, as is athleticism, and Martin provides those things in spades. He also has an impressive handle for his size, making it difficult for bigger forwards to defend him. This leads to free throw opportunities and chances at the rim.

While he is smooth in his attempted shots, though, he struggles shooting jumpers and threes in particular, shooting under 30% from beyond the arc this past season. He also does not have a great game in the post, and while he has the potential to play well defensively he currently does not and is a below-average rebounder for his position according to DraftExpress.

Who does this sound like to you?

Jeff Green. There are a lot of similarities between the embattled Memphis Grizzly and Martin, and that is perhaps why the Grizzlies like him. A more malleable Jeff Green, a chance to coach up and develop. Thankfully for Martin (and Memphis) he is not needed this season; the Grizzlies continue to have a lot of veteran wings, and the addition of Matt Barnes means any player drafted at 25 who isn't a big was likely going to spend a lot of time in Iowa with the Energy any way.

Martin has tools, and could possibly pay dividends down the road. While other options were there, if Martin was at the top of the Grizzlies' board and that is who they fell in love with? Good for them...I guess.