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Memphis Grizzlies get a B-minus for selection of Jarell Martin

The all-mocking Chad Ford has released his grades for all 30 NBA teams. The Grizzlies received a nice grade for Jarell Martin who impresses Ford with his athleticism and talent.

Memphis Grizzlies
Grade: B-

Martin is a very good athlete, has a NBA body (without, unfortunately, NBA length) and he plays hard. He's just a tweener. His game is stuck between a NBA 3 and 4. He's not quite the shooter or shot creator he needs to be to thrive at the 3, and lacks ideal height and length to play the 4. However, there's enough raw talent there to justify this pick for Memphis. I'm just not sure there are minutes for him yet.

For some reason, however, Chad didn't stay up late enough or care to check the Grizzlies feed to see that they traded for a second round pick and did indeed use the pick to select Andrew Harrison at #44. I'd guess that inclusion would have gotten the Grizzlies up to at least a flat B. (Not to be confused with a B♭.)