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The Memphis Grizzlies pursue a trade for Joe Johnson with the Brooklyn Nets

Splish Splash!

The Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets have recently discussed a trade for Joe Johnson as the Grizz continue their plight to find more perimeter shooting, something they've been shoulder-deep in for centuries now.

This leaves us the questions as to whom the Grizzlies would be shipping out in return, and how on earth this would possibly work with the Grizzlies still wanting to re-sign Marc Gasol (expected to cost a lot of $$) and having to unhinge their python jaws to swallow Joe Johnson's massive 2015-16 salary of $24.9 million.  One would figure Jeff Green is 100% certain to be a part of any deal with Joe Johnson, and with such a big name, you'd think a Courtney Lee, Vince Carter, or maybe even a Tony Allen would have to be a part of it all.

We'll work on the financial details as this develops, but it's definitely exciting to see the Grizzlies being aggressive before NBA Free Agency even breathes its first breath of 2015.