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LEAKED: Memphis Grizzlies possibly going with Memphis Sounds ABA throwbacks for 2015-16

Leaked documents show the Grizzlies going with ABA throwbacks again for next season.

If you'll recall from last summer, Memphis Grizzlies President of Business Operations Jason Wexler did a Q&A and revealed to fans that the team was looking into new alternate uniforms for the 2015-16 season and beyond. This led to all kinds of speculation as to what new threads the Grizzlies would be sporting. There were a lot of votes for a black and gold design that the Grizzlies had used for some of their promotional material, but there was an equally large push for a classic Memphis throwback to the ABA's Memphis Sounds of the 1970's.

Turns out that the nostalgic fans might be getting their wish. A leaked Adidas document that's been circulating the web since mid-May (I don't know how I missed it..) has the Grizzlies marked for a "Hardwood Classic Nights" uniform update, and underneath the list is an image of a red Memphis Grizzlies uniform with the classic Sounds font-style.

This obviously isn't anything official, but it looks like a pretty thorough and convincing document. It also lines up with the Grizzlies history of honoring the city's ABA roots. Here you can see the original design from a team photo trading card back in the day:

A part of this throwback should be the inclusion of those tiny short-shorts, the white knee-high socks and the red ...Adidas Sambas? The afro could be optional.

I have to be honest; I want(ed) a totally new design. I think the Grizzlies are deserved of a new image distinction to match the obvious distinction of their style of play. But hey, this could still be really cool, too. The Sounds were actually co-owned by Memphis' own Isaac Hayes and featured Memphis basketball legend Larry Finch on the roster. That's a nice dose of Bluff City.

If this is indeed the new alternate for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2015-16, it will also complete the franchise's cycle of honoring all three incarnations of Memphis ABA basketball.

In 2005, we had Pau and Shane decked out in the garb of the initial look of Memphis' professional basketball team, the Memphis Pros.

(photo: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

I wasn't really crazy about these just because the name "Pros" was just a cheap way for the team to convert their uniforms from "Bucs", the previous name of the team when they were in New Orleans, and save some money. The script font is pretty bland and if anything it just reminds me of a baseball uniform.

Then for the 2011-12 season the Grizzlies decided to move on to the Oakland-Athletics-themed (not joking, owner Charles O. Finley also controlled the Athletics baseball team) Memphis Tams uniforms that were actually put together by none other than the fashionista who is Rudy Gay. Tam is short for tam 'o shanter: the hideous little cap you see Josh Selby wearing below. If the goofy golf attire wasn't criminal enough, putting Marc Gasol in these green shorts should have been made a felony after the season concluded.

(photo: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Cheers to the history of Memphis! I'm still holding out for something new and slick, though. Nostalgia is fun, but these Memphis Grizzlies are something all unto themselves.

(Note: the Memphis Sounds are wearing their white home uniforms in the video below from the Mid-South Coliseum in 1975.)