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Kosta Koufos getting in his summer workouts

Memphis Grizzlies center and free-agent-to-be Kosta Koufos has a reputation for being pretty obsessed with fitness and fine-tuning his body. Here he is getting in some summer burn at D24 Sports back in his home state of Ohio.

But do you even lift, bruh?

Just kidding. Kosta is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and he's a damn fine basketball player. Many of us speculate that this off-season he'll be leaving to another team that can give him starter's minutes. If he ends up leaving Memphis, it will mark an end to the best couple of years at the center position that the Grizzlies (and most other teams) have ever had.

Memphis Grizzlies C Kosta Koufos mornings circuit warm-up

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He might not be the cult classic that Hamed Haddadi was, but he's one heck of an athlete and he sure can dance.