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2015 GBB Community Mock Draft: New York Knicks Trade Pick #4

GBB simulates the 2015 NBA Draft.

Previous Picks: #1 #2 #3
Pick #4
New York Knicks
GM: Joe Mullinax

We have two trades!!


New York Knicks trade: Pick #4, Jose Calderon


Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry, 2018 First Round Pick, 2020 First Round Pick


Toronto Raptors trade: Pick #20, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson


Oklahoma City Thunder: Kevin Durant, Nick Collison

From Knicks GM Joe Mullinax:

First things first, I tried to trade this pick a LOT. Multiple offers, multiple GM's. I, as the mock new York Knicks GM, have zero interest in a rebuild. I have Carmelo Anthony, cap space to spare and arguably the largest sports market in the world. I am competing with the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Nets, Rangers, Red Bulls, Islanders and probably other franchises I have forgotten for headlines. I put an embarrassing product out on the court this past season. The pressure is real.

I need stars. Now. Not 3 years from now when Melo's contract looks REALLY bad. The East is significantly weaker than the West and the Knicks can compete next year if they surround Melo with the right pieces. Enter Kyle Lowry, an All-Star Point Guard who is a drastic upgrade over not just Jose Calderon, but Emmanuel Mudiay. Mudiay MAY be great. Lowry already is, and he lightens the load on Anthony and still allows the opportunity for another big splash signing in Free Agency through dumping Calderon's contract.

Oh, and the 2018/2020 First Rounders? An eye to the future, and more assets for possible moves down the road. We turned a bad contract and a possibly future All-Star in to a certain All-Star and two more assets.The New York Knicks just got better not just in 2015, but beyond.

From Raptors GM Arkm110:

As the GM of the Toronto Raptors, I wanted to bring in somebody to lead the team. Someone to be our go to guy. That person happened to be Kevin Durant. To get Durant (and Nick Collison), I offered Demar Derozan, Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson, and my 20th overall pick in this draft. Essentially, I traded 2 role players and a star player to get an MVP level player and a role player.

The second trade that I made was to trade Kyle Lowry in the search of athleticism and youth. I announced that Lowry is available hoping for some offers. The very first offer I got for him was very intriguing so I accepted it. I traded Kyle Lowry and my first round picks in both 2018 and 2020 in exchange for Jose Calderon and 4th pick. Making this deal did not damage my depth at the PG positions. I now have Lou Williams, Greivis Vasquez, and Jose Calderon who will all fight for the starting spot. Looking back to my goal of adding athleticism and youth, Jose Calderon didn't fulfill either of those. That's where the draft pick comes in.

With the fourth pick in the 2015 Draft, the Toronto Raptors and Arkm110 select:

4) Emmanuel Mudiay, Point Guard from the CBA

Photo credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

From GM Arkm110:

Mudiay fulfills both of my goals with his versatility, size, and athleticism. Due to his size, standing at 6'5", I plan to convert him into a SG. I feel that Mudiay's game is more useful at the 2. With a game similar to Russell Westbrook, I feel that Mudiay will be able to build great chemistry with Kevin Durant.

The Toronto Raptors' starting lineup (Williams, Mudiay, Durant, Amir Johnson, Jonas Valunciunas) will now have size, athleticism, and scoring from both the interior and the perimeter.

Things are already pretty darn crazy up in here. Tomorrow we'll slide into the #5 pick with Andy Livingston and the Orlando Magic..... or will we???!

Pick Team GM Selection
#1 Timberwolves Jonah Jordan Karl-Anthony Towns
#2 Lakers chipwilliamsjr Jahlil Okafor
#3 (trade) Timberwolves Jonah Jordan D'Angelo Russell
#4 (trade) Raptors Arkm110 Emmanuel Mudiay
#5 Magic Andy Livingston
#6 Kings axelrowlings
#7 Nuggets Joe Witherwax
#8 Pistons Matthew Bishop
#9 Hornets serdricacceus
#10 Heat Mopo123
#11 Pacers Andrew Ford
#12 Jazz Tblythe
#13 Suns nickbushart
#14 Thunder ljjung
#15 Hawks Zordor
#16 Celtics HEARNBURN
#17 Bucks Jill Kong
#18 Rockets SirRiles
#19 Wizards pfleming15
#20 Toronto Arkm110
#21 Mavericks ethanwi11iams
#22 Bulls Burgundy
#23 Trail Blazers Edwin Ortiz
#24 Cavaliers Tcampbell395
#25 Grizzlies Kevin Yueng
#26 Spurs ks10680
#27 Lakers chipwilliamsjr
#28 Celtics HEARNBURN
#29 Nets Marcgasaucey
#30 Warriors bstubbs